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Bicyclists don't need 'three foot rule'

Re: Bicyclists don't need 'three foot rule'

BrianW wrote:

I'm reading via the RSS feed in Google reader, replying on site right now.

This is what I'm doing too. It saves having to come to the many sites that I have RSS feed subscriptions to.

What I really like about the RSS feed is that you get the new stuff only. If there's something I want to keep (in Google Reader) I "star" it.

There is a lag for when the new stuff gets delivered, so if you want closer to "realtime", you'll have to come directly to the site or depend on the email subscriptions.

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Re: Bicyclists don't need 'three foot rule'


For Others, this post is not about the 3 foot legislation, but I'm seem to be stuck in this thread with this clumsy system.

I'd bet we might actually recognize one another or turn up a few more mutual acquaintances if we talked.  We had to have been at Montebello, Druid Hill, or maybe some CW training rides at one point or another.  Staying on Ken's wheel, yep, that was some accomplishment.

All of my cycling related email is received through one gmail address  - see below. 

Regarding Thunderbird, yes, I can load a RSS reader extension into it, & I actually have it installed but currently disabled.  Maybe I haven't spent enough time with it, but I didn't see how it was going to let me read the mail in any way that was better than what I have getting it directly from the Forum and filtered into my cycling subfolder under Local Folders.    The reply has to go to the specific topic / thread and what I've seen so far indicates that a reply is just going to be addressed to the webmaster in general.  But I may be wrong.

I'll look at the reader inside Tbird again and see if there were configuration options that I missed.

I did set up Google reader, but that doesn't seem to be nearly as useful as Gmail on the web or getting the gmail in Tbird.  It doesn't seem collect the posts into a thread that is easy to follow, and I can't reply to the forum directly from there - my major problem with this setup.  As I said before, I don't want to have to open multiple apps to do what was simply and effectively done in one app before.   Opening multiple apps consumes memory, takes time, etc.

I rarely just boot up the computer to check email.  I usually am working on one or more projects, reading news or topics I am researching.  The computer is a working tool most of the time.

Did I miss something about replies in the forum that would have allowed me to reply to just you?   I also can't put OT in the heading to note that this post really isn't related to the "don't need 3 foot rule" thread at this point.  Another deficiency.

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Re: Bicyclists don't need 'three foot rule'

Feed readers are good for handling information when you're primarily a "consumer", just reading stuff and perhaps occasionally marking something for later use (via the "starring" feature, or note/sharing). They're really not designed for carrying on a dialog. For those situations I come to this forum. The vast majority of the items posted, either here or on  BBCtalk-like mailing list, are read-only for me, and RSS lets me categorize, skim, and dismiss them as quickly as possible. Gmail with folders and filters (or similar implementation in other clients) can also be very effective. I find that I'm reading and deleting - without response - a good 90+% of what comes through on any mailing list, so  the reader approach works well for me. I'm sure as we all make the adjustment to the new forums (some of us with more enthusiasm than others =P) we'll each find our own preferred method of keeping up. Perhaps a Twitter feed?

(Just kidding. Janet's email signatures alone are often 140 characters or more. current/wink )

And +1 for the three foot rule, just to keep this somewhat on topic.

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