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Time Trial Bars are for Solo Riding Only (IMHO)

Time Trial Bars are for Solo Riding Only (IMHO)

I wasn't there, I don't know what happened other than the "clump" group of about 10 riders collapsed when the leader braked late rather than miss a turn.  As I understand it, those at the back couldn't react in time and ran into those who stopped in front of them.  The result is one very experienced, very fast, and very good bike handling BBC member has lost his summer (at least) with multiple injuries including fracture(s) caused by being speared and punted over the bars and onto the pavement when struck from behind with TT bars.  The injuries from the TT bars may end up being the most severe in the end (back, hip, kidney, etc.).  Something we all need to consider with more and more people riding with some kind of clip-on bars most of the time.

This article sums up most of the points I agree with:
In addition to this piece, I'd only offer that having "spears" sticking out that you skewer those you run into with is much more dangerous whether you are "covering" your brakes or on your TT bars when following in a pace line.  Many of my friends ride on TT bars in group rides.  Mark Tabb has always stayed well behind those in the group when he follows and then he pulls out and sprints up hills since he rides with them to aleviate his back issues.  Many others have them on their bikes for all of their "solo" miles but also ride in tight formations with them still mounted.  I think we should all consider that this isn't a good idea.
Another one: … s-allowed/
And here is an excellent "primer" on group riding technics which specifically FORBIDS TT bars on group rides:
And interesting in Wikapedia entry on handlebars:
"Triathlon bars are commonly used in triathlons and time trial events on road and track. However, they are illegal in most mass start road races or any other event where drafting is permitted because, while aerodynamically advantageous, they tend to draw the hands away from brakes, make the rider slightly more unstable on the bike, and can be dangerous in the event of an accident."
I'm taking it upon myself to bring up this issue because it has bothered me for some time and now seems to be the right time.  I am doing this on my own and specifically NOT because anyone else asked me to.  Should we exclude them from BBC pacelines?

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Stuart Lamb
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Re: Time Trial Bars are for Solo Riding Only (IMHO)

I got a brief e-mail message from Mikey which seems to indicate he was the person who crashed into Terry.
Ps,I was once told by someone that the 18+ group was created because others in the group complained about the use of TT bars.

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Re: Time Trial Bars are for Solo Riding Only (IMHO)

I am sorry to hear about the recent crashes and resulting injuries. 

I was on a 60 miler Saturday in lower slower Delaware ("LSD") with dual rotating pacelines and there was a stong rider with 20 year old pedals.  This guy unclipped about every 15~20 minutes.  It really made me nervous and I worked to get as far away from him as possible.  He was asked to stay at the back, but insisted upon doing his pulls.  Hopefully he will fix or replace those pedals before he partipates in another hard group ride.

There is always going to be some danger in group rides -- a rider with malfunctioning equipment, a rider who does not know the route and misses a turn or even worse attempts to make a turn when it is clearly too late (which seems to be the real problem described by Stuart above rather than the handlebars of one of the cyclists), and others.

I think it is important to be familiar with the other cyclists and to become comfortable with the way they ride.  I have ridden with MT a lot and even with aero/time trial bars he uses he is the safest cyclist I have ever ridden with. 

On the ride Saturday the guy next to me said to get closer to the guy in front of me.  My response was simply you ride your bike & I'll ride mine.  As soon as I am comfortable following the cyclist in front of me I will adjust my distance as needed ( I was probably about 3 feet behind and there was a bit of a tailwind).  This ride was an out and back with a fairly easy 20~21 pace outbound and a return into the wind at a pace from 22~27 (there was one guy that got on the front and simply turned the pace up to 27 without seeming to be in any kind of pain, but I was suffering!).

Jim Guild

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Re: Time Trial Bars are for Solo Riding Only (IMHO)

I think there is a big difference between:
- having aerobars mounted but not being in them while drafting someone or being in a position where you may need to use your brakes quickly
- having aerobars and being in them while drafting someone

I have aerobars on my bike (only have one bike) and even when I'm not in them I find it nice to have. They are a much easier place to put my bike computer (don't have to look down as far to see it so easier to keep my eye on the road) and it keeps my que sheet holder in a good position.  I only consider being in the aerobars when I'm solo, in the front of a pull, or way off the back (where I usually am)

BTW if you pull out of the pedals doesn't that usually indicate the cleat is worn, not the pedals?

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