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Aug-24-15 08:11 pm
can't register
Category: Social
Forum: Volunteers

Hummmm....I would volunteer to help with CWC but keeps telling me in light blue letters "this is not you" and won't take my application. Soooo... if anybody needs help, e-mail me at and I'll help... without putting up with any more computer BS. I have a yellow volunteer shirt.
PS. I would prefer cleanup if available

Dec-29-14 08:29 pm
From the Baltimore Sun
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I am a cyclist and member of the bbc. My condolences to the family and friends of the rider. But, I have seen the other side of the equation. Which is...... was he visible, (bright and electric) to the car drivers. I have driven past bicyclist and runners that I have not spotted until the last instant. They have no reflective gear or lights. When I can, I pull over, wind my window down, and yell at them, "I couldn't see you", at which point they ignore me, and soldier on.
For my 2 cents, look like a christmas tree out there. Reflective gear and LED's. If someone hits you, they are spending way too much time (while driving) on their cell phones or with a bottle. Which is a police matter. By the way, police have to get a search warrant to check your phone for text and data at the time of the incident. Stupid. 

Aug-17-12 09:01 pm
BBC - Who is going?
Category: Social

If you guys are referring to the Lancaster covered bridge ride, I was there 2 years ago. The only problem (and a big one) that I encountered was the super long traffic backup on the way to parking. I got in line off the Xpress way and inched along for 1-1/2 hrs. Once I circled onto the secondary road and could look down at traffic coming from the other direction "alas" there was no backup. My advice--go past the exit and circle back on the Xpressway. Of course everybody else saw this too, so maybe traffic this year is backed up on both directions.  Leave early.

Jul-21-12 08:30 am
Category: Social

I can't figure out how to insert cancelled into my ride post??

Todays 5 town, 5 valley ride is cancelled...rain...bummer

Jun-27-12 10:26 pm
Category: Social

Yes, Jim, I will be riding Eds ride at the 13/15 pace and also will be doing the shorter 60 mi. version. Hope to see you there. Bob

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