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With temps only predicted to be in mid 40's, windy, and RAIN predicted for tomorrow; I will probably need to call off the ride.  Final decision will be made by 8am Friday.  Since I also need to let the contractor know that we won't need the escort thru the construction area if we cancel, and to put a notice on the Cycling Seniors website, I could be a little slow in posting a BBC notice.  If the weather looks iffy , call me at (410)358-1321 between 7:30 and 9am tomorrow before going to the Provident P & R.

Jeffrey H. Marks

Arrive early at PRP for this 37 mile scenic ride thru Loch Raven and onto Jerusaleum Mill.  The Watershed Police have arranged with the contractor to escort us thru the construction site on Loch Raven Drive just beyond Morgan Mill.  However, we need to arrive at the site by 10:40am and go thru as a group - wait outside the site for the escort.  Consequently we will need to leave Providence P & R by 10:05 am.  A hillier detour up Morgan Mill Rd will be posted for anyone who arrives late or has mechanical problems.

         This Earth Day ride will be interesting and include wildflowers near the historic Mill.  Bring brownbag lunch to eat at Mill.  Return will incl brief stop at Palmisano's.  Pace will be 10 - 13 mph.  Joint ride with Seniors.
Jeffrey H. Marks  (410)358-1321

            Yes the Gathering was well attended and well organized.  I'm glad a group of BBC members participated.  I saw Rod Brudsbrucker.  Afterwards, I biked with the group up Falls Road and continued with another rider to Mt Washington.

Jeffrey H. Marks

Continuation Cyclists' Gathering for Nathan
        Although bikelanes are sometimes helpful, bicycle programs tend to be judged in terms of the number of bikelane miles.  And novice cyclists get upset where the bikelane ends.  Also, motorists expect bicyclists to always ride in the bikelane.  Motorists give bicyclists a portion of the street and then bicyclists still use the traffic lanes   How rude of bicyclists.
       Bicyclists should only use bikelanes when it's safe for us to do so.  Due to limited street space, driveways, need to accommodate parking, etc many bikelanes are poorly designed. In urban areas where bicyclists are moving fast, especially on downhills, and there are driveways and intersections, bicyclists need to stay far enough left to avoid getting doored or right hooked.  This often means NOT riding in the bikelane.  Maryland Law is written to give motorists a clear path, so the law isn't going to encourage you not to use the bikelane or ride away from the curb or out of the door zone.  But Md Law does allow you to leave the bikelane when reasonably necessary to avoid hazardous conditions.  And it's far better to be courageous and take ta slight risk of getting a ticket to be safe, rather than risk  getting gravely injured.
Jeffrey H. Marks

Cyclist's Gathering in Memory of Nathan Krasnopoler

        Looking at the crash scene and reading postings, it appears that Nathan was riding fast in a downhill bikelane on Univ Pkwy, where an 83 year old lady passed him and abruptly turned right into the entrance to the Broadview parking lot.  Moving fast, Nathan was unable to stop, hit the car, flew over and landed in front of the car, where the woman ran over him.  Awful.

        The most likely cause of the crash was that the woman grossly underestimated the bicyclists speed and thought she had enough space to turn into the driveway.  Many motorists think that bicyclists only move 5 or 8 mph.and don't realize that downhill bicyclists commonly go 25  or even 30 mph.  Nathan was riding properly in a bikelane as Md Law requires him to do.  See Continuation.

Over 100 people attended the cyclists' gathering and to pray for a speedy and full recovery for Nathan Krasnopoler.  Nathan's father spoke at the scene of the crash - Broadview Apts near Univ Pkwy and 39th street.  Then our large group; including Nathan's father, friends, and family; bicycled over to Johns Hopkins hospital, where Nathan who is still in a coma, is being treated.  The family and others read a prayer and psalms for Nathan's recovery.  We then bicycled back to the crash site.

         While I wish it were a happier occassion, I was encouraged by the large outpouring of support for Nathan.  This included City Planners, Nate Evans city bicycle coordinator, advocates, Hopkins students, and professionals.  I was thrilled by the many young people who came.  These students and recent graduates are well educated and use their bicycles for transportation, physical fitness, and recreation.
Jeffrey H. Marks

With the BBC having cancelled its Carroll County pancake ride tomorrow due to rain being predicted, why not enjoy pancakes at Oregon Ridge Lodge - and help the park raise needed funds.  The breakfast runs from 8am to noon, costs $6/person, includes real maple syrup, and features a healthy menu of all you can eat fresh cooked pancakes, taste of sausage, juice,milk, and coffee.  And there's good music, raffles, enthusiastic volunteers, and environmental groups.  Have a good time and support the park, where many of our rides still start.  Even if it's raining, wear your BBC jersey.  And just maybe the weather will allow you to do a short hike.  (The Sierra Club is having a hike leaving from the Lodge at 9:10am, weather permitting - and eating breakfast around 11am after the hike).  And if you want to do something else nearby, there's the Md Home and Garden Show at Timonium Fairgrounds.  Let's put the the BBALTIMORE back in BBC tomorrow.

Jeffrey H. Marks

        Tomorrow (Fri, Feb 18)  I plan to ride from Glyndon to Hampstead,  where I could meet your group  at Snicker's (dutch treat since I'm not doing the route).  Then I would like to attempt to stay with your fast group down Blackrock Rd to Butler, where I'll split off from the ride and take Butler Rd back to Glyndon. 

     What approximate time should I meet your group at Snicker's?  If you are leaving OR at 10:30am, does 11:30am sound about right? 

Jeffrey H. Marks

The printed BBC Newsletter listed the INCORRECT date of Feb 9 for Bike Maryland's (formerly called OLC)  upcoming Bicycle Symposium in Annapolis.  The correct date, as indicated on the BBC's calendar,  is Tues, Feb 22.

       This annual free event allows you an opportunity to learn about the latest happenings in Bicycle Advocacy, meet and interact with planners, and say hello to your delegates.  For further details, check the BBC's and Bike Maryland's respective websites.  Advance  registration  is encouraged.

Jeffrey H. Marks

I thoroughly enjoyed last summer's Bon Ton Roulet in the Fingerlakes of NY State.  The scenery was great, and we visited some interesting places ranging from Watkins Glen Gorge to Cornell to Geneva, an old canal, and nice lakes.  Most of the roads had paved shoulders.  And the temp's and humidity up north were much more pleasant than in our region.  And having a longer 7 day tour definitely made the 6 hour drive to the start worthwhile.  The Auburn YMCA did an excellent job.

Jeffrey H. Marks

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