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For the life of me I can't find the cue library.

Oct-29-11 11:49 am
Where's the start?
Category: Social

Can somebody tell me where the BRSummit century begins, WES?

Mar-03-11 06:19 pm
Charity ride team recruitment

Hey Folks,
I'm with Terry, Nigel, and Maxine doing the Booty ride in August but here to announce another charity ride I do every year called the Ride for The Feast, a fundraising event for Moveable Feast, an organization here in Baltimore that provides meals for people suffering from aids or breast cancer. So, I'm not looking for money rather we are looking for teammates. My friend John Gilligan, you may know him from Gertrudes or from Meadowbrook is forming a team and we're recruiting. Here's his message. I'll be ordering jerseys soon so tme is of the essence. E-mail me for a copy of how the jersey looks, pretty sharp if I do say so myself.
Here's John's plea.

This message is only going out to a few targeted folks who I think would be a good fit for our team, Rebels With A Cause. Harry Campbell and I created this team to "Ride For The Feast," a 140 mile ride from Rehoboth Beach to Baltimore City over two days, May 14-15, 2011. This ride benefits Moveable Feast, a terrific non-profit ( As a former/burned out social worker, who worked in several social services agencies, I have a jaded viewpoint towards most ssa's, so when I actually throw my support behind one, you can be sure it's a worthwhile cause.

Here is the website with info about the ride: If you read the information about the event, you might get all worked up and overwhelmed, but let me tell you this: the ride is easy! 100 miles on the first day, 40 miles on the second, and there are pit stops every 15-20 miles with lots of food, drinks and bathrooms. Did I mention the course is flat? Not to mention the ride overall is a lot of fun, filled with goofy people riding and volunteering at the stops.

The organization does ask that everyone attempt to raise $1300 each, but you are not obligated to--however I think you'll find that it's fairly easy to reach that goal, if not surpass it. Last year I wanted to raise $5000, which I thought was a lofty goal, and I ended up raising over $9000 (much to my surprise). It can be done!

There is a registration fee of $75 (for new riders), which I believe goes toward your donations. You will need to get a hotel room on Friday night before the ride; and if you stay on the Eastern Shore, another room on Saturday night (unless you choose to "camp" in the gym--something I'm certainly not doing!). Last year John S. and I drove home on Saturday night, and met up with the group on Sunday morning, without a hitch.

For those who don't know, Harry Campbell, the co-captain of the team, is a very accomplished illustrator, and he is donating his services to design a team logo for the bike jerseys. What jerseys, you ask? Well, all of the teams have custom-made bike jerseys created, and wear them every year. It's not necessary, but a fun idea. Harry is currently researching different companies, so we don't have a price yet, but we are seeking corporate sponors to offset the cost (and their logos will appear on the jerseys too). Gertrude's Restaurant is the first sponsor to sign up--go figure. I can tell you the jerseys will be pink, as women look pretty in that color, and real men look sexy. We hope to bring the cost down to $50 or less. We can have matching bike shorts made (in black, not pink), if there is enough interest.

I have found a variety of styles for the pink cowboy hats, but now they may be black, or white felt with pink sequins. (Who knew there would be so many choices!) These are cheap, child-size hats, and I will be purchasing them myself, so no money is involved there. I'm also getting water guns for everyone, just because! (We'll squirt the other riders/teams.)

So that's the gist of it. To sign up, go to the website,, click on the "Register Here" button, agree to the waiver, then choose "Join a Team." A drop down menu will appear, and select "Rebels With a Cause." The rest should be easy to follow.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions! And remember, if you don't join, I'll be expecting A LOT of money from you!
John G.

P.S. Lastly, if you know of anyone else you think may be interested, you are welcome to forward this invitation.

I'll look out for the next one. I do the loop from the nature center-red trail to the Ivy Hill trail and back to the quarry.

Missed that. Is this a regular thing? I've been doing the Ivy Hill trail recently, down to the pond and back, about 4.5 miles I think.

Haven't ridden from that start and the link on this site seems broken. Where is the Bagel Bin?

Sep-02-10 05:06 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I would like to try this next year-so put me on the list.
Anybody doing Baycountry on Saturday. Looks like I'm heading down solo.

Apr-13-10 09:20 am
Support the bill
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Thank you Carol,
Your tireless efforts to make our roads a safer place to ride and in my mind our culture a bit more sane are warmly and greatly appreciated.
Thanks to everybody who got out yesterday and even to those who could not due to work constraints, and there were many. I often become complacent and morose about the state of affairs in America, a runaway car culture, increasing disregard for our fellow citizens, a culture that I sometimes see only as an ever growing obese mass of self centered, unenlightened, angry drivers. Tomorrow I felt much better, thanks.
As I was returning to the State House after enjoying a fine and pleasant, well deserved lunch, I was cut off by a guy in a giant SUV who after cutting me off braked hard for some people crossing the street by foot, thankfully. So I rode up next to him as we headed up the street together and politely said "you stopped for them but not for me, why?" His response was this, really. "Can you go 180 mph on that thing?" I said no, of course not. "Well then there is no need for me to watch out for you" Really, that's what he said, still can't figure out his logic, something about my presence would in no way impede his progress because he could accelerate faster. I asked him if he knew how much his truck weighed, he said "I know exactly how much it weighs". I asked if he thought his very heavy truck was any match for my 190 lb body and twenty pound bike? Not sure what he said next, perhaps it was too confusing a question, but very politely I wished him a good day, really I did, and I headed back to the State House.

Apr-12-10 12:05 am
Support the bill
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Thanks for all of your work. I am certainly not an activist, this just sort of happened. I rode to Annapolis once for a bike symposium and thought I would do it for this, just as a small measure of support for the bill and in Larry Bensky's memory. It's turned into a bigger ride and I am glad. Count on me for future support of One Less Car, just let me know what you need.

Apr-11-10 11:35 pm
Support the bill
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Yes, appears to have passed. I have an e-mail into Cardin and we'll get the scoop in the morning. We are still a GO, it is a memorial ride, we must be very cool and friendly. Whether Tami Bensky will still speak is not known, up to her. We still want to show up and memorialize Larry, show that we are an organized group, and possibly draw some press attention to the whole thing. Get into the house and thank the legislators for passing this, if indeed it has, and urge more measures towards a bike friendly state.

The arm bands are a good idea. Nancy may be the woman I met on the BWI trail today. She was very into the idea and mentioned Annapolis Tri Club.
I'll bring my arm warmers.

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