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Maryland State Police

Maryland State Police

I have been commuting on my new route for about three months now and I have taken notice that this one car shop along US40 uses the shoulder as a parking lot for its customers cars.  The irony is that there are no parking signs posted all along this stretch of shoulder but I never see any parking tickets on windows.  This is a particularly dangerous area with customers trying to get out of their parking lot and cars coming onto US 40 from an odd angled intersection.  To have the lane reduced by 75% and deal with the hazards is not pleasant.  Twice I have had near misses with cars coming out of this business' lot.

My action was to call the Maryland State Police and report the illegally parked cars.  The first time, the officer actually made me believe that something was going to be done.  Next day, cars are there.  Four days later I call again when there are six cars parked along the shoulder and a woman almost T-bones me.  You know it is hard to see around all those parked cars when you are trying to talk on the phone while lighting a cigarette!  I called the MSP again.  The dispatcher asked me if they were parked in front of a business as if that was okay.  I told her they were parked in front of NO PARKING signs.  Next day, cars are there again.

I called yesterday and asked to speak to the officer in charge.  He asks me if they are a hazard where they are parked.  I once again informed him of the NO PARKING signs and the state must think it is dangerous to park there or they wouldn't have installed the signs.  I went on to tell him that yes it is dangerous for bicyclists and since this is a designated bike route, the shoulder is a travel lane.

I bet that if I rode the right lane all the way to work on US 40, I would get a ticket!

What is the point of having a weak 3ft law or any other law if they are not going to be enforced?

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Re: Maryland State Police

Seems the issue needs some higher visibility.  Suggest you contact your state representative.  Pretty clear cut case.

~Ride safe, ride hard!~

Terry Harrigan
Terry Harrigan
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