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Re: AoMM

Greetings All,
I received word today that there are still spaces available for The Assault on Mt Mitchell this year.
The event is Monday May 19th this year.
You can use the link below to register........

Click here to register:

Anyone who has ridden more than -oh, I don't know....a hundred yards with me --  knows that this is a yearly event for me. It gives me something to train towards in the dark days of winter. Especially when winter extends into March and April.

AoMM has a mass start, and covers nearly 102 miles from Spartanburg, SC to the parking lot at the top of Mt Mitchell. It has a reputation for being a sufferfest that is "uphill all the way".

Not so.

The first 44-45 miles are very flat and favorable.. In a good group, I usually average about 22mph for the first 45, so this is great fun for me. (Around Bmore, I am a 15-16mph rider on good days). Then you arrive at "Bill's Hill" = 1000ft climb over about 1mi. After that, the course has moderate hills till you reach Marion, NC at 72 miles. I consider this the halfway point just like 20 miles is "halfway" in a marathon. 

Out of Marion, NC, the road turns up. The climb to the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) is a tough 3-4 miles, depending on when you start counting. The BRP itself is not so bad, but keeps me in the single digit mph range. When the course turns into the Mt Mitchell State Park, the road turns up again for 3-4mi for maybe the toughest climb on the route. At 100mi, the road is again flat, but takes one last turn up towards the finish before you're done.

The Spartanburg Freewheelers who organize and sponsor this ride are only allowed to have 750 riders on the BRP, so entry slots are limited. The fact that the event is now held on a Monday (also to accommodate the BRP traffic flow)  has kept the entry numbers down in recent years, so the event draws die-hards. When the event was held on a Saturday or Sunday, getting into the event was more competitive than the event itself.

The fastest riders complete the course in around 5 hrs Over the years, notable pros and low-pros have ridden this as a fast training ride.. There is a 12 hr cutoff time, and a few "Hell's Gates" along the way (if you don't make it to that point by a certain time, you are not allowed to finish...). I usually finish around 7 hrs plus or minus a bit. Due to some setbacks this year, my time will be closer to 8hrs.

At the top, the Freewheelers take your bike and transport it back down to Marion, NC or back to Spartanburg depending on where you have transportation. Buses are provided for riders. Getting you and your bike back together is just another time honored part of this marathon day.

Worth doing once.
Good opportunity to check this off your Life List.


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