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Ever wonder why some drivers are so aggressive? Here's a clue....

Thanks to Steve Z. for passing on this heartwarming little article.

Janet L. Goldstein, BBC Forums Moderator

Janet Goldstein
Janet L. Goldstein
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Re: No Comment

I especially love the part where this idiot thinks cyclists "making six figures" are riding around on those 50 pound rental bikes with extra wide seats. What a buffoon.

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Re: No Comment

The blog entry linked below gives a better perspective on who the privileged on our roads are. … privilege/

I also like his (Kline's) last sentence "Through their organized special interest lobbying efforts..."  Imagine using our rights as citizens to bring about change that might allow all users of the public roads to travel safely! 

Myslím, že je ?cas, abych se létat.

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Re: No Comment

I replied, couldn't be as diplomatic as Jeffrey.

Greg, it doesn't matter how long you have to slow down and wait for that excruciatingly slow cyclist in front of you to wait for a clear view and no oncoming traffic to overtake, you are going to reach your final destination at EXACTLY the same time 99% of the time. When you are tailgating a car down the rural two-lane road and they both slow on a hill or curve with a cyclist taking the lane. Yup, had to put on the brakes and slow down. The front car has a short straight and overtakes. Often, the trailing car just follows without independently determining if it is safe to do so. Many times they encounter an oncoming car and, of course, merge the cyclists out of the way or off the road because they aren't going to hit another car head-on. Now if Greg has actually waited for his own clear passing spot, within 30 to 60 seconds he will catch up again to the car he was following before. Guess what, it's a double yellow line and he is once again in exactly the same spot and timing he was before.

That cyclist which angers you so much is actually someone's father, mother, brother, sister, or son, daughter. Have you considered how you would treat that cyclist if it were YOUR CHILD?

As a matter of fact, what really makes sense are new laws giving more "privilege" to cyclists like a smart law already passed and successfully implemented in the US and other places where cyclists treat stop signs as yield and red lights as stop signs so that they are not "clogging up your roads" and since they are out in the elements, moving at half (or less) of your car's speed and can safely navigate a stop sign as if it were a yield and not have to wait (sometimes forever) for a car to come and "trip" a traffic light.

This well written and completely ignorant piece by Greg Klein shows just how far our attempt at being a civilized society has yet to go. Greg follows the tried and true path believing that somehow all of the infrastructure was built only for motor traffic. We've had a fantastic hundred and fifty years of pumping oil out of the ground and a hundred years of cars/trucks and massive capital projects creating a network of roads and bridges for transport. In the grand scheme of things, looking at hundreds of years rather than tens of years, Greg is sadly very wrong in his views and is perpetrating a dangerous vision, stigmas, memes and stereotypes. For those of us that ride thousands of miles per year for transport and recreation, we always say that people like Greg need to ride a hundred miles in our saddle. I don't really care if he does it in ten, ten-mile rides, but he needs to attempt to ride a bike on the variety of roads we must navigate.

This "screed" of intolerance is so well written, it sounds almost logical if you completely ignore that cyclists have the same rights to the infrastructure as you do and you need to educate yourself and accept that you need to shelve your latent road rage and impatience when you encounter any cyclist and respect their human rights. What an ignorant jerk.

~too much of anything is just enough for me. Pete Townshend

Stuart Lamb
Stuart the Descender
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