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Been a while since I was on the site.  Has 16+ replaced 15 - 17?

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Re: 16+


Here was the proposal and reasoning I sent to the Board for this change:

Proposal:  Have only one category for all rides over 13-15.  Collapse the 15-17, the 15-17,18 and the 18 categories that currently exist in the calendar into one “16+” category. 

Reason: this group of riders generally treat these categories as pretty much the same anyhow. The 18 mph category has been little used this year.  Phil Feldman, Steve Zeldin and myself have discussed this change and we all favor it.  People coming out for rides on the 16+ category would usually split into groups at different paces—as they do now.  There could be more than one 16+ ride on any given day—if the second ride was a significantly different length or started at a significantly different place —as is current policy.  We think this change would help us promote this faster riding group to new riders and enable us to pull out more new riders.

see you on the road


Ed Hopkins

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Re: 16+

Hi Timothy,
Yes, over the years 19+ became 18 but had pretty much the same participation as 15/17 and most rides were just being lumped together as 15/17 & 18 together.  This is the group that a) is self-sufficient and equipped to handle navigating and most mechanical issues on their own, and b) the rides usually broke apart into an "A-train" with the Phil's and Terry's of the club and the "B-Team" chasing but ending up well behind and out of site and even a "C-Pace" much of the time but who was also looking for a very long ride.

The ride length ended up being more of the split than the speed so now with just a 16+ pace, we can have a more-the-merrier at the start (and sometimes lunch and the finish).
Tomorrow (Sunday) is another example of the flexibility in BBC.  Several of us who “in-season” would opt for a very long (60-80) mile 16+ ride are joining the 13/15 ride of 50 miles to control distance and condition levels while the folks who are in shape have a 72 mile flat’ish ride with Janet.

Anyway, that is my take on the change and I think it is great.  My goal is to go into the cue-sheet library and look for long-fast rides and to try to lay out somewhat shorter routes based on them.  Ideally, they could end up with the same lunch stop with a few miles less for a rendezvous point mid-ride.  It would be awesome if a ride could be available with two or three or even four different versions with the same start and finish for larger gatherings of the club on a regular basis.


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