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Aug-30-10 11:31 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

My first BBC ride! Lot of fun, looking forward to many more.


Jul-30-10 10:04 am
Topic: Accident
Bike hit Tufton and Belmont
Forum: Road Problems

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Mike, a medical student, was riding his bike down Tufton west of Oregon Ridge. He was just about to make a turn onto Belmont when an elderly woman struck him from behind. Mike flew over his handlebars and hit the road hard. He said that he could hear his bike being runover. An ambulance was called, but, fortunately, he only suffered some bad road rash. Mike was not wearing a helmet.

Jul-21-10 09:25 pm
Black - Used - Great condition - $85
Category: Technical

Used saddle.  No major structural or aesthetic problems.  Graphics worn in some places, but basically very good shape.  I used this saddle for around 1000 miles.  That is how long it took me to be sure it's just not the saddle for me.  Call me at 443-801-3307 if interested.

Hey Dan,  you were first.  I only added it because I had to check out the ride for another day.   Have a great day, take a rain jacket.  Safe riding.  Bruce

A group of us are running the Halloween ride from FIF (Fifth District Elementary School).  It is a 50 miler up to New Freedom and back over fairly hilly terrain.  There is a stop by the trail and may have some food if Mignano Brothers Pizza is open,.  Just show up at 9 am. Questions Bruce Galanter at 410-241-7089

Apr-09-10 09:39 am
Designated Cycling Routes
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Aaaaand... hijacked. current/smile

Apr-08-10 04:13 pm
Designated Cycling Routes
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Thanks Barry.  That is helpful information.

I'm not sure how lights are relevant to my inquiry about advocacy efforts, but sure, they're a great idea too guys.

Apr-08-10 12:46 am
Designated Cycling Routes
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

The tragedy on Butler road has me wondering.  Does anybody know of any efforts having been made to get counties to designate some of the more heavily cycled roads as "cycling routes"? 

Simple brown signs that say "Baltimore County Cycling Route" might foster awareness that we are there, and maybe legitimize our right to be there in the minds of some of the people that think we don't belong.

The more I read about these accidents, the more I believe the problem is NOT about how cars pass us once they see us (3 ft. rule people, that's for you).  The problem is getting them to see us before they pass us.  That would mean slowing down and paying attention.

Which leads me to another question - anybody know about any bumper sticker campaigns like the motorbikes have?  You know those yellow stickers that say something like "Share the Road" or something like that?

Really?  Sounds like a picnic compared with posting on this forum...

Great ride tonight.  Had 2 non-members show besides me.  The 3 of us did around 8.5 miles in 1:20.  I don't know Patapsco well enough to give a good description of where we rode.  Trail condition was just short of excellent.  Very few unavoidable muddy sections.  The bike didn't come home clean, but I didn't feel like I had to hose it down before hanging it up.

That has me thinking - maybe if we weigh our bikes before and after riding, we can come up with a scientific measure of trail condition.  hmm...

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