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Aug-27-15 04:40 pm
Resurfacing of two roads in Northeastern Baltimore County
Forum: Road Problems

Just a 'heads up" for anyone cycling in Northeastern Baltimore County.  Hutchins Mill Rd. has been tar/chipped (heavily chipped) for the entire length and Shepperd Rd. is 'under construction'.  They are removing some surface areas, patching, preparing to install drain pipes and preparing to pave.  There are delays and occasional one way traffic.  It looks like the work will continue for quite a while.

Jul-02-14 09:25 pm
Category: Social

I checked to see if they have a web site, and they do (Weekender Country Diner).  The photos don't portray a place to stop for a break while on a bike ride.

Jun-20-14 06:31 pm
Topic: Milling
Another road being resurfaced
Forum: Road Problems

Today Garrison Forest, between Park Heights and Greenspring, was actively being milled on both lanes.  It was rough but rideable.

Woody's is definitely closed.  Two weeks ago I talked with a friend who lives nearby on Shepperd Road was he confirmed that Woody's has closed permanently.

Jul-01-13 12:03 am
Category: Social

Just to clarify the differences in distances and averages, I added a little distance riding to and from a "pit stop" at the first break and again when I rode back to check on Steve when he was changing his rear flat tire.  My average was different from Janet's and Chris's because as we were leaving the second rest stop Steve flated and Chris and Janet had ridden out ahead of everyone else.  I chased them down, up over the overpass, around a sweeping curve and out of sight of Steve, to say that Steve had a flat; then we all stopped together.  Those various things account for the computer variances.

Jun-30-13 04:35 pm
Flatlands Wreck
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

We were doing just fine until we rolled into Chesapeake City.  My computer
shows that we were at 100.05 miles!  There is an S curve slightly downhill
and with dense bushes on the side.  That created limited sight lines.  I had
taken a pull and dropped to the back of the group (eleven riders at that
point).  Someone up front braked and Janet, who was three riders ahead of me
braked hard and fishtailed, lost control, and hit a concrete curb.  She fell
onto the sidewalk and was knocked out and her bike bounced into the middle
of the lane.  Carol Bell was ahead of me an moved left; I was about to hit
Janet's bike as it bounced in front of me so I pulled left and I bumped
Carol's right side.  That knocked me to the right, around Janet's bike and
into the concrete curb. I landed on my right side on the sidwalk, a foot
wide margin of softball size rocks and a metal fence.  It all happened in
about three seconds.  Lots of blood and road rash.  ETM folks cleaned me up
and took Janet to the hospital.  I talked to her last evening and she is ok.

My bike sustained repairable damage thanks to me absorbing the full impact. 
Last evening I thought I would not be able to move this morning, but Aleve
has done the trick.  Judy patched me up and I'm feeling pretty normal today.

Jun-21-13 03:37 pm
The smooth edge is NO MORE!.
Forum: Road Problems

Yesterday and today a road crew was sealing every little crack on the West bound lane of Butler Road with MANY ribbons of tar.  They started at Falls Road and today they are approaching Longnecker Road.  The white line, where I like to ride, now has a stripe of tar on both edges.  Instead of a smooth ride, it's a thump, thump ride.  It's good for the preservation of the road but bad for cyclists.  The obvious option is to ride further out in the lane, but that's a bad choice considering the amount and speed of traffic on that road.  It's better to thump, thump than to be bumped!

Jan-30-13 10:40 am
Forum: Road Problems

There is a wide opening between two steel plates on the bridge at Belfast and Western Run Roads.  A female cyclist got her front wheel wedged in the crack yesterday and went down.  She was ok but her wheel was not ok.  The problem is just as you trun off of Belfast onto the bridge.  You may not see the problem until you turn onto the bridge surface.  I have photos if you are interested.  The county has been contacted.

As of yesterday, Wednesday, Belmont Road has been resurfaced and is open to traffic.

Sep-23-12 10:28 pm
Where to eat
Category: Social

I must have been riding too hard before I stopped to eat at the top of Shepperd Road the other day.  In my post regarding the quality and abundance of food I got there, I provided the wrong name for the place.  The correct name is "Woody's Hitching Post".  Gene Young stopped there after my initial post and agreed that it's a great place to get a really good sandwich.  The place is open until 3 during the week and until 2 on Saturdays.  It's closed on Sundays.

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