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Sep-22-12 05:19 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I agree that Phil did a fine job of creating a new ride route.  It takes time and thought to come up with something that is different and enjoyable.  Not many people will step up to the task of doing what you did.  The best ride ever?  That's in the mind of each cyclist, but a fine ride it was.  Thanks Phil for all the efforts you put into creating it, and creating a cue sheet that was dead on and very easy to follow.  Well done!

Sep-21-12 09:31 pm
some information please
Category: Social

You may want to check out:
It's not close to you but they may be able to help you locate a rental closer to you, or it may be worth the trip down town.

Sep-21-12 09:27 pm
Where to eat
Category: Social

Today, on a bike ride, I stopped at the recently reoponed store at the top of Shepperd Road.  The new name is :"Wally's.  I was surprised to learn that Wally servies excellent sandwiches.  I had roast turkey with cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato on the best whole wheat bread.  He roasts whole turkeys, angus beef and ham on site; i.e., very fresh.  Good food at reasonable prices.  Not much else there yet, but he says he will be expanding his offerings in the near future.  He is open for breakfast and lunch.  You might want to check it out.

Today I saw that Sparks Road at York Road was totally milled.  Also, Belmont Road at Belfast Road was in the process of being milled.  Plan accordingly

I discovered that problem yesterday morning, and managed to get through the long stretch of stones and gravel upright but ended up with a rear pinch flat.  Bummer!!  Then, I encountered the mud after the bridge.  A bad start to a good ride.

Be aware, Fringer Road was being milled and repaved yesterday.

Aug-05-12 10:13 pm
Thanks to the volunteers
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

A big THANK YOU to Mary Ryan and unnamed others who did all the work to create the cue sheets, put them in the web site library, make copies for the different rides, set up the tables for registration, etc.  Job well done, and even through most riders probably didn't mention it to you, we appreciate all your efforts so that we could enjoy the rides.  Volunteers are the key to successful BBC events.  And, as Barry Menne announced at the start of one of the rides; the Civil War Century needs more volunteers.

Jul-08-12 05:15 pm
Category: Technical

Cut a one and a half to two inch piece out of an old tire and then trim off the bead on either side (wire or otherwise).  Carry that with you on all rides.  To use the "boot", just incert it inside the tire at the location of the cut or hole and make sure it stays in place as you inflate the tube.  I have always carried one and on several occasions over the years it has allowed someone else to get back.  Once, 70 miles into a century ride I had a bent nail go in and out of the side wall of my rear tire.  The boot allowed me to safely complete the ride with no further problems.  It's free, it weighs just about nothing and it works.  It doesn't get much better than that!

Since no one has posted an update, I am posting this message.  This past Friday, April 20, I rode Longnecker and it has been repaved from end to end...And it's NOT tar and chip.  It's smooth and wide!

Mar-27-12 11:38 pm
Chicken crossing the road
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

The location is no doubt in Harford County, possibly on Old York Road.  But the content of the photo is more interesting.  I think I see three "chicks" and a ... buzzard.  Does the boule come sliced?

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