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Mar-08-12 10:41 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

This photo was taken on Maple Grove Road, at the farm on the right as you ride toward Route 30.  I have ridden past this big chicken many times over the years.  There is a pond across the road that is usually populated by lots of water fowl.  Years ago there was a large saw mill on the right just before you arrived at this point.  The remains of it are still there.  It's a great stretch of road to get you from Brick Store to Route 30, on the way to some great ice cream just a few miles further in Snydersburg by way of Cape Horn.

Troyer Road east of Norrisville Road has been tar and chipped, with an excess of chips!  Also, as of Wednesday, 8/24, Hutchin's Mill Road is closed.  Part of Houch's Mill may also be closed for re-surfacing.

Jun-18-11 10:26 pm
Flatlands Event
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Many thanks to the Ken Philhower Team for once again doing all the preparation and work of hosting the 2011 Flatlands Tour.  It may not seem like much work, but it is and the BBC membership is indebted to members like them for what they do.  Great job, team!  The weather was cooperative and we had a really great ride.  And thanks to Janet Goldstein for continually motivating us to go for a personal best...and we did!

I asked how he could be at fault if she turned right so close to him that he couldn't stop and then hit her car.  He replied that if he had hit the front panel that might be the case, but he hit the rear panel of the car.  I repeated my point, to no avail.  Apparantly in an effort to satisfy me he mentioned that in the case of the cyclist run over by the truck, the driver was found guilty.  That was essentially the end of the conversation.

My conclusion; The police were probably sympathetic to an 83 year old woman as opposed to a 20 year old "kid" on a bike.  The law is the law, as Barry pointed out, but potentially poorly informed investigators applying their emotional inputs sometimes come to flawed conclusions.  As you ride, be aware of things around at all times!

I took Charlie Murphy's message to heart and called all three numbers this morning, Wednesday the 2nd.  I Mayor's office took my message and said they would get back to me.  No reply yet

The DA's office said they would "put me on the list" and get back to me as more info. became available.  A half hour later they called so tell me that they were looking into the matter.

The police department took my number and said someone would return my call.  Just after noon a detective called me to tell me that the investigation of the accident concluded that the cyclist was at fault because he rode into the car.   ...continued on next panel

Nov-22-10 08:08 pm
A special "Thank you" to Georgia Glashauser
Category: Social

Last Saturday's End of Season party was a well run club event.  Beth Cooper did a great job of hiring the hall, selecting the menu, maintaining a list of attendees and accumulating all those door prizes donated, at her request, from many local bike shops. 

Nancy Finnegan was a great help to both Beth and Georgia, and she brought a great selection of BBC jerseys for folks to try on.

A big "THANK YOU" goes to Georgia for the way she ran the presentations portion of the evening.  She was clearly well prepared, and explained things and told stories and provided all sorts of information as she recognized many of the Club's members who have done so much this past year, and she gave out many thank you gifts (all while almost staying within her budget)!  What Georgia didn't say was what a terrific effort she has put forth as President of the BBC this past year.  She has guided the club through major changes like getting the new web site up and running, and overseeing dramatic changes regarding our newsletter; as well as dealing with many less significant issues.

Thanks, Georgia for a job well done!

Baltimore County will close the Western Run Road Bridge in Butler for
> eight hours on Saturday October 16 in order to repair a defective truss
> member.  The road will be closed from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Aug-25-10 09:02 pm
Status of Repairs
Forum: Road Problems

As of today, Aug. 25, the steel plate is still there on Falls Road, on the curve just after the Butler Fire House, as you are going North.  The bridge deck at Glencoe and Lower Glencoe is still in the process of being re-surfaced, and the bridge is closed.

Aug-08-10 08:59 pm
19.5 mph Average was Smokin' (like the corn)
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I think your bike computer is in need of re-calibrating.  I test rode the ride recently with Ed Hopkins and we were right on the cue sheet, for a total of 64.5 miles.  That included stopping at Sheetz.  If you got 65.7 and you didn't stop at Sheetz you either made a wrong turn somewhere or your computer is recording too many miles.

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