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Roger Knable wrote:

Use caution when making a left from Tufton onto Greenspring at the new roundabout.  Some cars coming into the circle (from your right) on Eastbound Worthington have sped thru as if they had the right of way, instead of yielding to traffic already in the circle.  I've seen this on my bike and in my car as well.  Maybe the yield instructions are not clear or the drivers are unaccustomed to roundabouts.  Better safe than sorry.

Good point.  Thanks.
Wait - You mean you're expecting motorists to drive safely and lawfully...even when interacting with cyclists?!?  Well, I hope they get educated.  Trying to make that turn previously during a busy time of day was not good.   We'll see how this goes.

The roundabout is complete at Tufton/Worthington.  I typically don't ride through that area, but it looks like it will be a helluva lot easier to negotiate that interection on 2 wheels than it was previously.

Aug-08-17 05:01 am
National Park Service Raising Price of Senior Pass 8/21/17
Category: Social

...but I mean that in the nicest possible way....

The National Park Service Senior Pass for those of you (us...) 62 years of age and older will increase from $10 to $80 on August 21.   This is a lifetime pass that allows you to enter a national park free with all occupants in your car. You can sign up for the program now, either at a national park, or file online with an additional $10 processing fee.  I did the latter just yesterday ( ).


Jul-28-17 10:14 am
Category: Technical

Ed Cahill wrote:

Hi Jim
I have a Feedback Ultimate that you can have. In perfect working condition. I can bring it to one of this weekend rides if you are interested.

I've had a Feedback Ultimate for years.  Great stand.  That's a very generous offer, Ed!

...has begun.   They have put up the sediment barriers, done some initial clearing, and brought in loads of 'rip-rap', so it looks like more serious effort in re-working this intersection as a round-a-bout has begun.


Jul-10-17 05:18 pm
Informative article on visibility based on university research
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

Chris Tsien wrote:

A big piece of the LAB Smart Cycling and similar programs is learning when to take the lane. I teach novice riders that motorists see the center line as a pane of glass and will do anything possible to avoid breaking that pane of glass. That means if you, the bicyclist, give the motorist the impression that there's enough room to squeeze between you and that pane of glass, then the motorist will do just that. Squeeze. But, if you convince the motorist to break that pane of glass, i.e., do not let 'em think that there's enough room to squeeze, then they go wide.

I always suggest that people take their position in the lane just where the driver of any vehicle would be located (assuming you're not in London...but wait! Even then, only in reverse!...).

Yeah, Steve - Falls to Knox is a good one.  Right in my neck of the woods. 

I tell you though, that short jaunt on Timonium that I spoke of....bejeez....that will get your attention - QUICK!

Go for it Bill.  Roads were fine.  See if you can do something about the wind....

Coming back from a nice time on the Meadowood-Loch Raven ride yesterday (7/2/17), the cue takes you down Jenifer to Mays Chapel, descending down to Seminary Rd and into Meadowood Park.   Timonium Rd  off of Jenifer (the westbound, RH turn) is highly rutted and potholed with no shoulder for the first ~1500 ft.   I was passed by a dozen cars yesterday and effectively pinned to the right, trying to negotiate some crappy pavement and stay out of the ditch.

Maybe not the LONGEST stretch of bad road I've ever seen, but much better to head back in by going LEFT off Jenifer onto Timonium, then the quick right/jog on Thorton > Seminary > and Tally Ho.   

YMM (literally) V....

May-13-17 09:25 pm
Category: Social

It's not about the tire size, per se - e.g., the 700c rims will easily fit a 28mm tire.  It's the fork and brake clearance that limits the size of tire you can run.  If the 28 didn't work on your bike, you could swap out for a longer reach brake.

I'm curious as to how this turned out, Janet.

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