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May-13-17 09:25 pm
Category: Social

It's not about the tire size, per se - e.g., the 700c rims will easily fit a 28mm tire.  It's the fork and brake clearance that limits the size of tire you can run.  If the 28 didn't work on your bike, you could swap out for a longer reach brake.

I'm curious as to how this turned out, Janet.

May-05-17 08:43 am
Unbelievably, Heather Cook is up for Parole for killing Tom Palermo
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I am sorry to say that I missed the deadline to write to the Parole Board in opposition to the early release of Heather Cook for what has been described as this 'non-violent crime'.  The Parole Board hearing is slated for May 9, 2017 at the Woman's Correctional Facility in Jessup, but it has not yet been determined whether it will be open to the public.   

For what it's worth, Cook’s Division of Corrections number is 442452, and her case number is 115035007. The address for letters about Cook is The Maryland Parole Commission, 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite 307, Baltimore, Maryland, 21215.  I may take a moment and send off a note, even if it does not good....

I-83 N, Exit 31 for Middletown Rd. Then Left @ exit and just across the hwy is the Park and Ride on your right.  This is close to, but NOT the Parkton location down by the NCRR trail.

Mar-04-17 11:27 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Steve Zeldin wrote:

The situation is far worse than the photo implies.  The intersection of Charles St with I695 contains a lot of disappearing bike lanes and merges with high-speed on/off ramps. shows southbound bike lane where merging traffic from I695 innerloop and I83 enter Charles St with apparent right of way at highway speed (right side of image).  Bicyclist must take the middle car lane until bike lane reappears after merge before it disappears at Bellona.

Northbound Charles St bike lanes disappear and reappear and are just as dangerous from Bellona across I695.  But since northbound is downhill, the fearless bicycle rider can just take a  car lane at full speed (35+ mph) when the traffic lights allow it!

Yeah, that's nutz.  I'm not a particularly litigious guy, but to lead someone along and then abruptly hang him out to dry like that seems like an accident and a lawsuit waiting to happen.  MDSHA should get their act together.

Bob Wagner wrote:

Seems pretty obvious from the design sheet that anyone coming eastbound from Worthington to Greenspring ave is gonna roll through that circle at 50mph. Any cyclist attempting a left from Tufton to G'spring would be dead meat.

The pavement on the Worthington to Greenspring side also narrows appreciably creating a pinch point for cyclists unless they fully take the lane (which is the way to go, IMO...).   I have passed my comments on.

Jan-26-17 05:25 pm
Category: Social

How y'all doing?

-- Hanging in there?  Looking forward to mowing the lawn (of course, NOT REALLY)?
-- Meh.  Too early to tell?
-- Sick?  Got the crud?
-- Sick of it?  Fed up and won't take it anymore?
-- Totally verklempt?  Can't really speak about it?
-- Everything is 'Hello Kitty'? Sugary ad nauseum?

Just checking in....

Sorry - duplicate post....

This truck depot and maintenance facility is on the Balto. Co. Ag Research Center on Shawan Rd.  That area is already impacted by the newly-constructed gas pipeline staging area on Shawan and the unsightly high fencing on Beaver Dam Rd.   

I sent my e-mail to Kamenetz yesterday and I encourage you all to do the same.

Dec-21-16 04:41 pm
Category: Technical


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