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Jan-13-17 11:35 pm
CWC 2017 Rest Stop Condition
Forum: Road Problems

We are starting the planning for the CWC 2017 event, now that the calendar is telling me that 2017 is here. I am curious if anyone has had eyes on the Loys Station Park recently. I am curious if there has been any progress on the new picnic pavilion that was planned. The Frederick County webs site now predicts completion in 'Winter 2017'. I plan to proceed with the permit process anyway, but would like some perspective to inform my communication with the County government. If it ever warms up on a weekend, I will ride by there myself.

Hoping that the paving is not too far behind the milling of Butler road from Falls Road past Dover. The milled surface was not he worst I have seen, but definitely slowed me down on an otherwise pleasant ride today.


Yes, thanks! - a good ride today - just what some of us needed to get rolling again this spring! I was definitely impressed as cars kept arriving at the ride start at the faith that we have in our weather watching technology.

In the 'old' days, if I had looked out my window and seen rain, it was time to just pull the covers over my head and pass on a potential ride opportunity.

I have updated the ride start time to 9 am. The previous 10 am start time considered the need to allow temperatures to rise from usual arctic November lows. Current forecast is for unseasonably pleasant temps!

The earlier start time allows for more time lollygagging and dilly dallying along the route with time to spare before sunset.

Ugh.. I stumbled onto this issue on 'The Best Ride Ever' route today. I made my best pirate imitation as I walked the plank across the creek left for the construction workers. I will have to look at the rerouting offered above as an alternative before I post the ride for the club.

I do have a Saris ( product that served me well and is gathering dust. I used it on my Toyota Camry sedan, which has since been converted to a charity donation write-off. I chose a hitch mount for my current vehicle. I could part with for a nominal amount. Let me know if you are interested.

Aug-11-15 11:13 pm
Category: Social

Reflecting on both Nigel's recent crash and my own lesser wipeout on Bike Virginia, I am looking for suggestions on what would be prudent for a ride leader to carry as in a minimalist first aid kit. I was happy that some passers by were able to offer sterile wipes to clean up my scrapes. In the past, I have lead rides with nothing to offer folks with road rash. I now carry a small sandwich bag with antiseptic towlettes (Benzalkonium Chloride), a few 'ketchup' packs of antibiotic ointment, along with a couple of gauze pads and adhesive bandages. Curious to hear thoughts from other folks, and whether we should consider adding this to the ride leader check list.

The ride start time has been pushed out to 9 am to increase the chance of missing predicted early morning showers - Also allows more time for hand wringing about whether the ride will actually go! Stay tuned for any updates by early tomorrow morning.


100% chance of rain = 0% chance of cycling fun tomorrow. Hope to reschedule this ride for a drier day in the future. Enjoy the one in a hundred years 'pi day' occurrence on 3.14.15 at 9:26:53....

Only one of the elements conspired against myself and a single riding companion - the wind was blowing mightily! But we did stay dry...


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