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Hey Carl...funny you should mention the CB century..I've been thinking about posting it if we ever get a non-rainy weekend.  It's in the Cue library under
AA county over 50 miles, listed as 'Rando Bob's BWI to Chesapeake Beach Ramble.
MAYBE we can do it the weekend of the 28th/29th??

Bill Gary

Due to a work-related conflict, the 62 mile 'Mildly Mountainous Metric...' that was scheduled for Saturday April 9th has been rescheduled to Saturday April 16th.
Fear not...all those hills will still be there on the 16th!!

Bill Gary (

Nov-27-15 10:29 pm
Category: Social

I have a 2 or 3 year old pair of black Sidi cycling shoes...3 binding straps, size 47 with SpeedPlay Zero cleats attached.   Anyone want them before I Velocipede them??


Bill Gary

Nov-11-15 07:05 pm
Anyone want a copy?
Category: Social

The recent worlds road and time trial races in Richmond CA were spectacular to watch live (yes, I was there!). I don't know if anyone is interested, but I recorded the coverage from the soon-to-be-gone Universal Sports Network and I thought that the BBC family might be interested in sharing a disk of the races.
As I've done in the past, it's first responding first viewing. Each person borrowing the disk is responsible for passing it on to whomever is next..we'll keep track of viewing order by the order  of responses to this posting.  I already have a disk for myself, so I don't need it returned when everyone has seen it.   Whatdayasay, sibs.....anyone interested?

Bill Gary

Nov-09-15 10:05 am
get em early...
Category: Social

I know it's too early to be thinking about Bike Virginia 2016, but anything that distracts us from the coming cold temps and lack of daylight is good.  Early registration for BV is coming up, so I did my own search for hotels near each of the TC's. I found them myself, and they were FAR CHEAPER than they will be when the 'hotel scheduling' service for BV takes control.  If you're a BV hotel person, check the dates and location of the TC's and book your hotel NOW.

Bill Gary 

Jul-27-15 01:56 pm
Compact cranks, a carbon stem, a Cannondale carbon fork, a Specialized saddle and a mess of...
Category: Technical

Hi Mendy,

please email me ( and let me know a good number to reach you...I'll review all my Speedplay stuff with you.

Bill Gary

Sorry campers...odds of rain at the start AND most of the route are 60% tomorrow (Saturday July 18th)so the BWI to Chesapeake Beach Century scheduled for the 18th is CANCELLED. It's a fun, relatively mellow ride, so either I or Rando Bob will be leading it soon.  Bummer poopy.      Bill Gary (

Jul-08-15 10:18 pm
Compact cranks, a carbon stem, a Cannondale carbon fork, a Specialized saddle and a mess of...
Category: Technical

...Long story short, I rented a bike in Tucson in March that had 175 MM cranks, and it felt great. Got back to Baltimore, got a bike fitting and was told 'why haven't you been on 175's before now?
I've changed over all the bikes to 175 MM cranks, leaving the 172.5's I've been riding to be shared with my BBC folks.


(a) An Ultegra compact crank (50/34 CR's) dark grey finish, 172.5 MM

(b) Same as above, except the newer Ultegra crank (no outside CR bolts and silver finish).

(c) Same as (b) except yellow SpeedPlay Zero pedals still attached to the crank arms

(d) An Ultegra triple crank (50/38/30) silver finish, 172.5 MM

(e) a 110 MM carbon stem, +- 10 degrees, 31.8 diameter handlebar

(f) a Cannondale Synapse carbon fork, 1 1/8 inch diameter, 24 CM carbon steerer tube

(g) a White Specialized Romin EVO expert gel saddle, 143 MM width  (barely ridden).

(h) An assorted mess of used SpeedPlay Zero pedals, cleat covers, hardware and stuff.
    A few new unopened cleat covers and Zero pedals
Items (a) and (d) are about 2 years old, items (b) and (c) are a year old.  Item (e) is unopened, unused.
Item (f) is unknown, came with my CDale Synapse frame.
Item (g) was ridden for about 30 miles before I realized it was too narrow.

I'll set a price for each item when (if) anyone expresses interest.

Anybody interested??

Let me know,

Bill Gary

Jul-04-15 09:11 am
I'd like to schedule it in July sometime...
Category: Social

R.B....let me know if you're planning to schedule the Ches Beach century any time soon.   I'd like to set up for July 18th or 19th if that's OK with you.

Bill Gary

Jun-12-15 01:21 pm
BV folks will miss the Flatlands ride
Category: Social

Thanks Ed and Janet for your comments.  I found a century down in southern MD
on the 20th, one I've never done before.  Here's the link... … _id=179454

I'll do Rando Bob's century later,  when Rando Bob leads it!


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