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Dec-18-17 10:15 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Hey. Fun article, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

I've been through both of the Breezewood Pike to bike tunnels. I drove out there a few years back with a group of friends. Very strange and wonderful experience. You'll need good lights! Even biking on the long outdoor stretches of the old highway are crazy fun.

If you've ever ridden the GAP/C&O trails between Pittsburgh & DC then you've hit a few tunnels on their list. I did that in 2014. Also, highly recommended as a bike adventure.

I've been through many of the DC tunnels over the years. Great infrastructure down there.

I'm trying to think of any bike/ped tunnels in our region. There's a couple of short tunnels along the Gwynns Falls trail NW of Carroll Park. Can't think of other tunnels around here.

May-11-17 08:11 pm
An updated version?
Category: Social

Doh. My bad.

I'd go for the first Sunday in June which is the 4th.

May-11-17 12:46 pm
An updated version?
Category: Social

Bill, I'm planning to schedule that for June 6th.

Apr-22-17 03:07 pm
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Apr-22-17 01:15 pm
Category: Social

I'm pretty sure I have a couple different 28's you can borrow to test.

My SOMA smoothie has fairly tight tolerances. It doesn't fit many 28's but it does fit one of my fav. all-around tires the Conti 4 Season GP which are more like a 27mm. I might have an old worn one of these to test.

Usually front fork crown distance is not a problem, but rear brake bridge and stays can be very tight. Also, the wider your rim, the smaller your OD becomes.

Anyhoo. I've got tester 28's if you want them.
email me 

Apr-22-17 12:29 pm
Category: Social

28 inch. Sure?
This would be the same ISO as a standard 700C tire, but it is a rare way of stating it.

Or, perhaps you mean 28mm width?

Since it's a rainy day full of cancellations you could kill time reading Sheldon Brown's page

Sorry for the last minute addition. 93 miler to Frederick tomorrow.

It'll be a cold day, but supposedly sunny and just a little bit of wind.
This is a good one for getting miles in on a dead-simple route.

To Frederick, On Frederick 93 mi., 5500ft. (hilly)
Date/Time: Sunday March 5th 8AM meet-up
Start: Carroll Park. SE corner STARTMAP
Route Map (click EXPORT for GPS files): ROUTEMAP
Cue Sheet (print one, or ask me to bring an extra): CUESHEET

Renee & Kevin Faison wrote:

Please email Teresa Moore with this concern.


BTW Teresa Moore's email address is

Best. -Bob

Seems pretty obvious from the design sheet that anyone coming eastbound from Worthington to Greenspring ave is gonna roll through that circle at 50mph. Any cyclist attempting a left from Tufton to G'spring would be dead meat.

The best circle alignments are when all feeder roads point directly to the center of the circle like it's a T intersection. Then drivers slow down significantly, and bear right after careful inspection of the traffic.

This looks like a disaster. 

my 2ยข

I'm bringing back the Wednesday night work-outs. We will be doing only hill climbs this year, all starting from Starbucks Roland Park at 7:30PM. The rides are 1 hour long.

We'll alternate between several different routes. The rides are hard, but not about speed. We re-group frequently.
Ask questions if you've got em.

more details at

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