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Apr-06-16 05:55 pm
Lets Organize a Ride of Silence for the BBC
Category: Social

The ride of silence is 7:00 pm on May 19 (a Wednesday)  and is celebrated throughout the world as a memorial.  Let's organize one for the BBC. 

I am willing to lead it but would like some ideas about where to go (or some cue sheets!) It is a slow paced ride 12 mph, with everyone wearing white shirts.    Give me some ideas and I will be glad to organize it and post it on the website

Apr-01-16 11:14 pm
New York State bike tour July 24-30, 2016

I enjoyed the FANY ride and the operators treat you very well.  It isn't a great big party ride but a nice relaxed ride.  There is only one route so that there aren't choices for harder and easier rides.  You need to go the miles every day.  Indoor camping was available at every stop.  The scenery was great, but there wasn't a huge amount of extra things to see and do.  Price is right, but I probably won't do the ride again.

Jan-08-16 09:39 am
Tandem Bikes
Category: Social

Hey all,

I have ALMOST convinced my significant other that tandem riding is for us.  The problem however is that there doesn't seem to be a cheap and easy way to try it for a couple rides.  We are both fairly tall,  5'8" and 6' and the bikes are expensive. 

We aren't interested in speed, but in distance.  I am interested in being able to look around without running off the road or running into him.   

Any ideas or suggestions?

Oct-15-15 04:06 pm
Category: Social

Great topic and important!

I have a tiny med kit that I pack, pretty much all the time.  I keep a clean bandana, a couple sterile wipes, some ibuprofin, a couple of Benadryl tablets(in case someone gets stung), a feminine pantyliner (yep, those ones) ... which you can strap on a bloody wound (with the bandana) to keep the blood contained, suntan lotion, and bacitracin. It all fits into the bag that goes under the seat.  So far, I haven't needed to use any of this on anyone but me!  LOL

Jan-19-15 10:21 am
Moving Bikes on Amtrak
Category: Social

Has there been any progress for a walk on service for the Amtrak trains for this area?  Last year there was some talk about adding it to the Northeast corridor, but I don't see anything in Amtrak.

On the same note.... the Piedmont Line is supposed to take roll on roll off bikes, (it travels from NYC to Charlotte.  Has anyone tried this yet?   

Jul-28-14 07:08 am
Alcohol contributed to the crash so she WILL face the music.
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Here is a link to the article.   Sorry for the delay...I have been away (with my bike of course!) … l?mode=jqm

Jul-18-14 06:20 am
Alcohol contributed to the crash so she WILL face the music.
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Paper reports the bicyclist failed to stop in time.  Grrrr.

Jul-18-14 06:15 am
Can the calendar show any bike related event?
Category: Social

I understand what you are saying, but many times there is a lot more to say about things than just listing on the calendar.   Our members have a lot to share and it seems to me that the calendar is not the place..

A few more headings for forums would make it more intuitive for me...a day I'd like to think others.   For example, I am interested in bike touring.  Currently we are carrying conversations in "website suggestions"  "out of bounds" and one other that I can't recall.  I have I have to search to find the threads and when I do use it I often find things I wished I had seen earlier.

If we want to attract and keep members that are interested in all types of biking perhaps giving them a forum will help.

Jul-17-14 05:01 pm
Ride from Broadway, Va to Staunton, Va

Stuart, that sounds like alot of fun.  Will you be camping or staying at a hotel?    Also,will you be staying over night on the 23rd so that we can get an easy early start? 

I definitely want to go do I need to commit soon to order tickets...or can I check with Scott and work schedule and get back to you in a week or so?

Jul-17-14 04:42 pm
Can the calendar show any bike related event?
Category: Social

Why not make a dedicated thread for EVENTS related to bicycles as a new part of the FORUM? I am with Dan in that I generally hear about great bike fun and ways to support bicycling after the event.  How should we raise this idea to the leadership and get consensus on this?

It seems to me that our members are really hungry for a good active forum based on the numbers of views on these threads.

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