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Jul-15-13 01:38 pm
Exotic, COOL driveable destination
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

If you are interested in bike touring  where it is cooler and exotic, consider the Route Verte in Quebec.  You can choose flat or hilly, we just got back from biking the St Lawrence area.  We saw lots of whales... from the shore,  the only east coast fjord, and lots of wonderful people, food and flowers.  They are seriously bike friendly and most of the Route Verte is off the main road.  A lot of it is on gravel, and not on the main roads, so you can really relax and enjoy.  There are a ton of campgrounds, and B&B's.  A big plus for us was that it was a chance to practice french, and eat great bread! Day time temps were in the 80's but felt much cooler, even cold at night. 

If you are interested in going, or want more info, contact me.   I can't say enough nice things about the area.

The Bike Party is fun!  I would recommend a fat tire bike that is fairly upright.  You will be riding slowly, and doing a lot of dodging of people and pot holes.  I will miss it in July,  and if you are worried about the size of the crowd, choose a colder month, that weeds out a lot of people and most of the drinking crowd.   Thanks Dan, for putting it on the Forum.

May-18-13 10:17 am
Advice and perhaps deliver bikes
Category: Social

I'm signed up to do the FANY ride this year.  Buffalo to Albany.  I'd love to hear about it and get any useful (or even useless) advice. 

I will be driving, so if you'd like me to carry a bike for you, I can.  If you don't mind a detour, you can ride with me too, but I will be having about a 3 hour detour to drop off my dog beast in Vermont before getting on the Albany bus at the start.

Apr-07-13 08:12 am
Questions about access to Baltimore airport and nearby bike shops
Category: Social

Aviation Velo is definitely your best choice for dropping the bikes off.  The shop is about 1 block off the Light Rail that can then take you into Baltimore or down to the airport.  Last time I shipped a bike from there it was about $50 for the box and packing, then the cost of the UPS.  Come and visit, Baltimore and DC are great towns.

Whoops that is HARFORD county cue sheet library.

Sorry folks, I had a conflict of interest that I could not resolve.  It is an old Ken Burns ride.  I will post into the Howard County cue Library.  Some traffic at the end.

10% chance of showers after 8 am.
Let's ride

Since the bridge is out on Trenton, the cue sheet will indicate to turn Left on Mount Zion rather than Dark Hollow Road.  Then the next turn is Right at Black Rock. 

One bridge has been closed, but another one opened!

Jul-29-11 01:19 pm
Irate Motorcyclist follows Ride yelling obscenities
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Hey folks,
While I was leading a BBC  ride on 7/16, we had a motorcyclist follow us up Bonnie Branch Road, yelling at one of the riders the whole time.  He then yelled at the rest of the group while we were waiting for the light to change.   We just ignored him, and wrote down his licence number.

A friend of mine (not a lawyer) mentioned that we could have called the police and reported it as "road rage" and been proactive.
Any thoughts on ways to deal with this?

There is a bike shop in the same strip as the Harpoon Brewery, and Simon Pierce glass in Windsor Vermont.  Here is the link,  They have several rides from the store, and can probably point you to some other places for cue sheets.  You can also try to see if the Prouty cue sheets are posted, or look on the Dartmouth Cycling Team website. 

Have fun in the hills.

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