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Aug-07-17 04:31 pm
Topic: For Sale
2015 Schwinn Voyageur Hybrid
Category: Technical

2015 Schwinn Voyageur Hybrid.  700 c wheels with rack and fender mounts. 24 speeds, Shimano Altus front and rear derailleurs, Shimano EF51 shifters.  Front and seat suspension.  Rides very smoothly, comfortably and quietly.  Looks great.  Comes with GOTime computer, toe clips and bell.  $140 or best offer.

I'm not certain but it looks like Ed Cahill created a gps file/cue for us on Saturday's ride.
I found it at

May-25-14 05:06 pm
A top ten ride, roads, scenery, pain
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Awesome BBC ride hosted today by Mark Tabb.  Spectacular weather and beautiful roads, wild flowers, Iris', and Rhododendron exploding the whole trip.   Nearly 5,000+ feet of pain in 69 miles to year your legs off if you happen to be in a small group with Mike Harris emulating Marco Pantani all day but he'd wait at the top of climbs when needed. .  Hard fought line honors by sneak attack!  68.9 @ 16.4 in 4:14 with 4650 vert.

Just to clarify, for all Glenelg Gang, HoCoCyclists and BBC Friends, John's Ride is on for Saturday AM.  This ride is from the Library parking lot at  2400 Route 97. Cooksville, MD 21723

The ride for Saturday, May 24th is ON!  I'll bring 38 and 48 mile cue sheets.  9:00 am rendezvous, 9:15 roll out.
Both cue sheets are in the BBC Cue Library: BBC_Mt_Airy_Damascus_48 and BBC_Mt_Airy_Damascus_38
Look in Howard County, Under 50 miles.
GPS Cue for the 38 is at:
and for the 48 is at:

Hey all, I can lead the ride and I know Joe and others still want to do it. John, can you send me the cue sheet to print?  Stuart

May-18-14 01:35 pm
3430 COURTHOUSE DR, ELLICOTT CITY by 6:30pm - Make the Effort
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

3430 COURTHOUSE DR, ELLICOTT CITY by 6:30pm - Make the Effort

I've got to say that I was really impressed with the 500 people at the last meeting in Columbia but was VERY, VERY disappointed in the tiny turn-out of cyclists for this cause.  This is a HUGE impact to our "turf" and will trash/destroy our roads, pollute our air and with hundreds of truck-trips on OUR roads, will threaten you on any ride near Ten Oaks/Green Bridge/Columbia Tri course, etc.

Big money and corporate interests duped our County Council into changing our laws/regulations/restrictions and they are about to turn Howard County into the industrial mulching capital of Maryland through their underhanded and sneaky efforts.  We MUST as a group push a massive effort, fill the room and be there Monday night in support of this cause to stop this and change the laws back to restrict this kind of trashing of our county and our favorite roads.

I really hope to see many of you there this time.  It is very important, bring as many bodies as you can.  This is real, local politics and it affects you in your community.  Much more about the issue is below.  Please attend.  Stuart

flyer info posted below.
Dayton Rural Preservation Society
Letter from the President



Fellow Supporters,

It is truly amazing to see the level of continued support that has shown just how united we are to oppose industrial mulch manufacturing/composting on our rural farmlands. We are thankful for each and every one of you. Well over 500 people showed for our Apr 28 community meeting. We are grateful that so many supporters made time to attend. It is clear to anyone following this issue that we are united and gaining momentum. Your voice, our voice, is being heard. Your presence alone is testament to that fact.

And here's how we know: A statement issued on Apr 28 by County Executive Ken Ulman supporting the current bill introduced by Greg Fox and co-sponsored by Councilmembers Watson and Sigaty, AND promising to take it a step further and make amendments that apply the one acre cap in RC as well as in ag preserve. We are on the right track and making progress, together. However, as Councilman Greg Fox stated, we need to keep pushing until the end because anything can change!

WATCH video of Ginnie Gick reading statement from Ken Ulman, Howard County Executive:

We will send a clear message once again on May 19 at the County Council Hearing as we all stand together to support our case that industrial mulch manufacturing/composting be kept off our farmland, anywhere in rural Howard County. With all of us there together, our Council Members will hear loud and clear that this is what YOU want. We will pack the room and spill out into the lobby area where the hearing will be televised. Rest assured we will hear all of you no matter where you stand in the George Howard Building. Know that we need you. We will be "One Thousand People as One Voice."

To note, DRPS and our supporters will not be the only ones in attendance. The industrial business interests and others that oppose our efforts will also be there in full force. Please make every effort to attend with your family and to arrive early, before the 6:30pm start.

Let's run through what has essentially transpired in the two weeks since our strong turnout at the Apr 28 community meeting, in continuing our effort to represent communities from all four corners of Howard County:
We met with Chair, Dr. Calvin Ball and Councilmember Mary Kay Sigaty on May 5 to make our case. It was another productive and progressive meeting where we discussed much of the information in higher level form that we presented on Apr 28, including the key videos.
DRPS received the full support of the Sierra Club, Maryland Chapter regarding our mission to oppose industrial mulch manufacturing and composting facilities on our rural farmland. We presented our cause and environmental concerns to the local chapter prior to the Apr 28 community meeting and received their official support shortly thereafter.
We presented at the Environmental Sustainability Board meeting on May 8, which was attended by DPZ Director, Marsha McLaughin. Although we didn't get much time to present, what we did convey to the Board was the environmental risks and inevitable impact, which included major concerns for groundwater contamination/heavy metals, mulch fires/inadequate water supply given no public water/hydrants, carcinogenic mulch dust/mulch spores/respiratory illnesses, heavy 18-wheeler truck traffic/equipment, noxious odor/high decibel noise...the list goes on. We believe our team of experts at the table told a compelling story to create unavoidable concerns that the Board must carefully consider. We succeeded as a team to accurately create 'reasonable doubt.' That report is due out on May 23, before the County Council convenes again to vote on our issue on June 2. We need you back at the George Howard Building then to witness the vote by our Council to amend the zoning regs!
We attended a meeting organized/mediated by Councilmembers Fox and Sigaty held on May 10 between farmers with legitimate farming concerns, Bob Orndorff/Erick Bonner who run industrial mulch manufacturing facilities, DRPS leadership and legitimate farmers who oppose industrial mulch operations on our rural farmland. Both parties expressed their respective concerns and stated their positions. We walked away from the farmers meeting where we started (support true farming, oppose true industrial processes on our rural farmland). Councilmember Fox did make a suggestion that we need to consider a return to the old zoning regs that existed prior to Comprehensive Zoning that took place in July 2013.
We met with Councilmember Jen Terrasa on May 14 to convey our concerns, provide the facts and to state our current position to oppose these industrial mulch/composting facilities. We had an informative and productive meeting to openly discuss the path forward.

We remain determined and committed to bring about amendments to the current zoning regs that preserve the well-being of our rural communities, both its people and the environment in which we live. Here is where we continue to stand. We are fully supportive of legitimate farming operations and believe the zoning regs, both old and new, allow a farmer to mulch/compost on the farm if product either originates from, or is to be used on, the farm itself. What we continue to strongly oppose is endless trucking in of natural woodwaste for industrial processing to truck back out for commercial sale. This cannot happen. This is clearly not farming. It is industry, pure and simple. These types of industrial facilities pose unacceptable and evidence-based health, safety and environmental risks that the families in our communities we represent are NOT willing to allow.

Please join us on May 19 to show your support for our cause as we present your case before our County Council. To finish strong, please also circle your calendars to return to the George Howard Building on June 2 to witness what we believe will be historic change as our County Council votes on our issue and what is best for the families of rural Howard County and the environment in which we live.

Together as "One Thousand People as One Voice" we will make this happen.Thank you all for your support!

President, Dayton Rural Preservation Society
Dayton Rural Preservation Society
P.O. Box 88, Dayton, Maryland, 21036 ~

May-10-14 10:12 pm
Category: Social

Roger Eastman had an original Prius and now bought a new one.  He puts his HUGE size bike in the back, rear wheel in first, front wheel turned 110 degrees angled in and it fits under the hatch.  This is of course assuming you are talking about the original design Prius, they have several options now.
I bought my Ford Fusion Hybrid (used) sight unseen after renting a Fusion (not hybrid) and was disappointed when it was delivered to find the trunk was half normal size due to all the batteries and hybrid electronics behind the rear seat.  I used a Saris or my Draftmaster deck lid carrier (no longer made) on it but eventually I've just been taking off the rear wheel and putting it in the back seat floor, forks on seat behind me, wheel on seat and even my large (58cm) frames fit fine.
Volvo 245, V70 wagons have the massive flexibility of a) front wheel off, just fits in rear, b) fold rear seats and fit two bikes not rubbing, c) with roof rails or cool temp rack you can put 3-4 on top, or d) I added a receiver hitch and have a Draftmaster vertical receiver rack for the back which can hold a tandem and four singles or five singles.
Someday I'm going to put on the roof and receiver racks, put nine bikes on it, two inside and take some pictures.

Apr-27-14 11:56 am
Show Overwhelming Support!
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Following up on my post from 4/23, you can read details there.
A company who lost their commercial mulching operation lease on RT-1 and is trying to move the operation to our small roads in Dayton & Woodbine, MD.   PLEASE try to attend this upcoming meeting tomorrow.  Showing overwhelming support, filling the room, bringing your kids, standing room only is perhaps the only way to really influence the people who will ultimately make this decision.  Local politics affects YOU directly.
Monday, April 28 7–9 pm
Ten Oaks Ballroom! 5000 Signal Bell Ln, Clarksville, MD 21029 (Rt.32&108)

Two Bills have been introduced and need your support to get the votes needed.  Remember how ignorant non-cyclists often are to our needs and also how much these kinds of trucks will tear up these small, delicate roads.
Council Bill 21 is derived from DRPS ZRA-148 and proposes the definition of, and removal of Natural Wood Waste Recycling (industrial mulching) as a conditional use on our local farms. In summary, industrial mulching would only be allowed in industrial areas.

Council Bill 22 is derived from ZRA-149 and was introduced by Councilmember Greg Fox and co-sponsored by Councilmembers Mary-Kay Sigaty and Courtney Watson.  This bill limits Natural Wood Waste Recycling on our local farms to 2% of the farm or one acre maximum.

Apr-23-14 12:02 pm
Help Stop Industrial Mulching Truck Traffic in Howard County
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

For all users of rural Howard County roads, especially cyclists.  This is a follow up to my prior alert about a company who lost their commercial mulching operation lease on RT-1 and is trying to move the operation to our small roads in Dayton & Woodbine, MD.  One look at the condition of these small, delicate and overloaded roads after this winter WITHOUT tens or hundreds of heavy truckloads of mulch weekly/monthly is all you need to know.  To think about having these large trucks overtaking you every time you are out for a ride is even worse.  Rural Howard County is NOT the right place for this kind of operation and a massive community turn-out is really needed again.

PLEASE try to attend these upcoming meetings:
Monday, April 28 7–9 pm
Ten Oaks Ballroom! 5000 Signal Bell Ln, Clarksville, MD 21029 (Rt.32&108)

Monday, May 19 7 pm
Ellicott City Courthouse  George Howard Building, 3430 Court House Dr, Ellicott City, MD 21043

This is a combination of the last two communications after the most recent hearing/meeting:

April 20th Meeting:  DRPS Leadership was on hand to testify for the resolution put forth by County Council member Courtney Watson to engage the environmental Sustainability Board to evaluate the environmental impact resulting from proposed industrial mulch/composting facilities operating on rural farmland in Howard County. This board has been given the important task to evaluate the environmental risks associated with these proposed mulch manufacturing operations.

DRPS President John Tegeris testified that it strongly opposes industrial mulch operations due to major environmental concerns that put the community at great risk for unintended health and safety consequences, especially from the perspective of the 16 acre industrial mulch facility proposed in Dayton and 8 acre mulch facility proposed in Woodbine. DRPS pointed to heavy metals groundwater contamination that will affect the drinking water supply, the documented mulch fires that threaten the farmland and heavily populated rural communities on well/septic, and risk for airborne pollutants such as mulch dust and mold spores with known carcinogenic and respiratory health concerns, as unacceptable environmental risks for our rural families.

John Tegeris urged the County Council to ensure the board conducts their evaluation taking into account the environmental impact that would result from large scale industrial mulch/composting manufacturing facilities that will continually truck in natural woodwaste product. DRPS awaits the board's findings likely within the next month, in time for the County Council to vote in early June on the ultimate fate of the zoning petition amendments before the council.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Dayton Rural Preservation Society <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 10:08 AM
Subject: Flyer for Upcoming Meetings

Hello Supporters!

Attached is a pdf of the most recent flyer we have put together for distribution.  If you could forward them along to your circle of influence.  Whether that is a friend, colleague, vendor, or neighbor.  The number of people this issue affects is astounding and every time I run into someone new and discuss our problem I get some new insight.  Our hope is that in spreading the word outside of our small circle here in western Howard County we will garner more support from other parts of the county and even the state that could be adversely effected as well.  You never know where support could come from!

Thanks for your help and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 4/28 and again on 5/19!

See you soon!

Erin Allen
Dayton Rural Preservation Society

Mar-23-14 09:31 pm
Request for any good online cuesheet websites.
Category: Social

Hi Steve,
I've got a couple of really good cue sheet forms in Excel that I've been using the last few years.
One of them originally invented by Craig Martin has the delta to the right and auto adds up the mileage which is great as you lay it out and know the distance to the next mark. 
I'll send you a PM with my email if you want them.

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