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Jan-19-17 09:52 am
Paid nearly $1000 for this system. Moving and getting rid of it.
Category: Technical

Hi Charlie,
I sold my other car and now need something like this for my tandem.  Can I pick it up today from you?  Thank You.

Dec-05-16 09:38 am
What's the date for the Civil War Century in 2017?
Category: Social

Hi Doug,
I don't see anywhere it has been announced yet but I'd be 99% sure and willing to bet it is Saturday, September 9th.  The end of year "century schedules" have been set for years between all of the clubs with their slots.

Hi Steve,
I'm still using these old versions of the DiNotte as well as the new/flat battery pack one for a headlight.  Would love to get your stuff to keep my old ones working.  Stuart  I'll email you and we can connect up.

Sep-29-16 10:41 am
Category: Technical
Forum: Riding Style

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There are several threads there where I've made several recommendations for how to start with Sheldon White and and the local shops that have professional fitters.  There are MANY more, I've not had it done but I know that getting your fit dialed in and being on the correct sized bike is critical to enjoying the sport.

Sep-20-16 10:02 am
Category: Social

I'm with Jeff, if this guy was signed up, had on identification as a paid participant, I really cannot believe his story.  I know those folks had been working at Gapland for a long time by the time he got there but shunning him and serving hikers just sounds so unbelievable so some facts seem to be missing.

Anything can happen with SAG so unsure of that, but the rest stop?  I think not.

None of this has ever been any of my experiences (or probably anyone else).

Sep-08-16 09:42 pm
Seeking advice
Category: Social

First of all, if you are still riding without a rear-view mirror, with all these texting and talking cagers, you are crazy.  Not an ad but the old guy who used to make them "aged out" or died but I found the modern equivalent and bought several for all my helmets.  I CANNOT ride without it anymore, these are well made. … sed-to-it/

Well, we all talk a lot on rides, "Car Back", "Car Up", "Passing", "Truck Back" and we all point at things in the road (potholes, sticks, rocks) and motion or call out "Walker Up" or "Car Up" if a parked one, but I honestly don't know what to say on this one.

If you say Bail Out, then it is what, go right, go left and even if they do, perhaps it is the wrong move in the end.  I think I'd yell "Don't Turn" "Go Straight" "Don't Turn" in sequence until the car passes.

Many years ago, Mark Anderson who used to ride with us was way out in the country, nice day, signaled a left turn on a two-lane and an idiot in a pickup smashed him almost to death from behind as he turned and the moron was passing him, WITH HIS ARM EXTENDED OUT TO THE LEFT!!!!

Haven't seen Mark in many years, don't know if he ever fully recovered.  I think he stopped riding.

Aug-02-16 10:45 pm
Looking for a new century....
Category: Social

I can HIGHLY recommend the FIRST century ride I EVER did (and look at what has happened since then :-) you should go down and do the Tour de Valley.

Really nice roads/route, very well supported.  Cheering crowds lining the last mile (seriously) and under 5000 feet of climbing so very doable by anyone.

Jul-22-16 09:20 am
Cyclist Killed by Drunk Driver
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

About 12 years ago in the heyday of me trying to figure out what bikes I liked, I bought (and sold) dozens of bikes on Ebay.  One night I bought a really weird one-off bike which featured a second crank and hand pedals driving the front wheel in addition to the traditional drivetrain in back.  The bike was ridiculous and even dangerous and I soon re-listed it for sale.

Jeff Archer contacted me and I sold and delivered the bike to his museum on a trip to visit my mother close-by in NC.  He was a nice guy, good businessman and passionate about bicycles.

Once again, far too close to home in many ways.  The drunk driving and texting is out of control in the US.  We keep making the laws and punishments worse and the problem continues.  We probably need to get to where it is in Scandinavia and Europe where you ruin your life totally and probably never drive again if caught.

May-28-16 06:52 am
Category: Social

Sadly my spouse sent me this article about most w/sunscreen and the ones I use are some of the "Worst" list every year!  Please read. It's not just about protection, my hard head (caba tosta!) - it's about the chemicals you are putting on your body. … ction-2016

My struggle is wanting one of the few that are really sweat/waterproof and that I only put them on in the early morning even for a 6-8 hour exposure.

Done with comments.  Thanks Janet.

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