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*Getting the word out-email to cyclists that may not be on Potomac Peddlers site*  Looks like showers in the morning so this might just work out in the PM.

John Fauerby and Lynne Rosenbusch Celebration of Life Gathering  John Fauerby and Lynne Rosenbusch Celebration of Life Gathering

When:    November 7th
Noon to 4 pm
Black Hill Regional Park
20926 Lake Ridge Dr
Shelter C
Boyds, Maryland  20841 … amp;group=

If you plan on attending please Register or RSVP above.  The memorial ride will have a police escort and we would like to have a head count of attendees.  All riders are invited and welcome.

John Fauerby and Lynne Rosenbusch were killed when they were struck from behind by a drunk driver while riding their tandem bike in Calvert County on Saturday afternoon, October 31. John and Lynne were avid cyclists and touched many lives. They were randonneurs, active with the D.C. Randonneurs, long-time members of the Potomac Pedalers and Frederick Pedalers, and active in the bike advocacy community as members of the Montgomery County Bicycle Action Group (MCBAG) for over twenty years, WABA, and Bike Maryland. It seems John and Lynne were active in all the local bike organizations from Oxon Hill and Ann Arundal to Frederick and probably beyond. This loss is felt very deeply in our community.
This Saturday (11/7) there will be a Celebration of Life ride at Black Hill Regional Park hosted by the D.C. Randonneurs and Adele Rosenbusch, the sister of Lynne. We will say some prayers around 1 and before and after we can share stories about Lynne and John. Food will be served picnic style. Please bring your bicycles and enjoy the park. Spread the word, all are welcome.

Oct-27-15 04:51 pm
From the Baltimore Sun
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

October 27, 2015:
For repeated wanton recklessness, extreme drunk driving, texting while driving drunk and in that process killing an innocent good man, husband and father of young children, our "system" of justice says 7 years is enough of a price to pay. … story.html

Sep-10-15 01:45 pm
From the Baltimore Sun
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

This sentencing recommendation, even if accepted (and that is unlikely, the judge already said it won't be more and could be less), will mean this.
20 years, natch, just words.
10 years suspended, so that means a 10 year sentence.
"Followed by 5 years probation" means that when she is released after a few years of the 10 years (probably less than 5 years) she will be on probation, but who cares.
Are the courts going to revoke her PRIVILEGE to drive?  It isn't a right, she has proven unworthy to EVER be allowed to drive a car again so will this important step be exercised?  I doubt it.
The judge has six weeks to decide what the Oct. 27th ruling is.  Going to court that day is too late, so how do we get this message across?
She needs to be an example and have the sentencing book thrown at her!


Travel capable tandem without extreme airline fees, or expensive roof racks on your car or crashing your bike AND car at a drive through!  Equipped with six S&S Couplers and screw-to-join cable splitters allows easy transport in one (included) or two travel cases.  da Vinci Designs custom builds very high-end frames and complete bikes with their patented ICS or Independent Coasting System which allows EITHER rider to pedal while the other can coast as needed and join when more power is needed.  With this system, you are NOT locked together and each rider can clip in or out without affecting the other.  This is ideal for beginner tandem riders and is the system chosen by many long-time veterans.  My starting price is WELL below market value, cleaned up, bikes like this often sell for 50% or more of their original price.  Most S&S coupled tandems sell used for $3K to $6K.

The daVinci frame is the foundation and heart of your tandem. Every tube has been designed for the exact stiffness, strength, weight and ride characteristic we are all seeking, nothing is off the shelf. They had custom dies made for every tube and the results were well worth it. And, every daVinci tandem has the patented Independent Coasting System (ICS).  Hand Built in Denver Colorado

Aside from the benefits of the Independent Coasting, you will find that daVinci Designs tandems are the most comfortable, fast, precise, agile, and stable tandems you will experience. Customers tell us their da Vinci rides more like a single than any other tandem they have ridden. We attribute the ride quality to the race proven geometry, large diameter tubing, careful placement, laser straight alignment and flawless construction.  Chrome Moly Steel is built for strength and durability and even simple repairs in far away lands if needed.. Steel gives the riders a lifetime of enjoyment. For long distances, this frame has enough flex to be a comfortable ride day after day. This specific bike is outfitted with the optional S&S couplers.

Original price: $4495, S&S Couplings add $1600 so $6,095 plus tax if you want to order one new. S&S tool is included. This bike is well used, has scuffs and scrapes as seen in the pics and more.  Some scrapes from trips and packing have been touched up and others not but there is nothing that can't be cleaned up and there are no dents or other damage to the frame.  Now the bike comes with all of the custom Velcro tube protectors shown in the pictures to prevent future damage. 

The drivetrain is due for a significant cleaning and overhaul but everything is included, including the chains and newer rear Shimano cassette.  The extreme wide range gears (four chainrings, enough for any steep hill) with the ICS all work, the rear brake has the optional brake booster for added strength on long descents and a nice luggage rack and bottle cages are included as are the Sefras and Terry WSD seats.  Pedals are not included but can be added, contact after purchase for options.

Road Tandem Dimensions (somewhat custom between Small & Medium)

Front Seat Tube C/T  20.5″ (52.1cm)

Rear Seat Tube C/T  17.5″ (44.5cm)

Front Seat Tube C/C  18.5″ (47.0cm)

Rear Seat Tube C/C  15.75″ (40.0cm)

Front Top Tube 21.5″ (54.6cm)

Jul-01-15 11:35 pm
Carbon repair shops
Category: Technical

Ricardo Gonzales sent me his info:
He used Spyder Composites, it was $57 to ship out including  insurance.  The repair  was $180 + $44 return shipping. It took about a month between shipping and receiving the bike  back.

He got his BMC repaired, seat stay broke, looks great, can't even tell, he is very happy.

Posting for my UPS driver who isn't web savvy.  I got him into bikes and he keeps buying and upgrading before he even rides them much!  It is an almost $2K bike for only $1200 obo.  Standover 32.8", top tube 57.5cm.  Great for both road and light trail use or Columbia trail system or the rails to trails runs.

He has a near-new 2014 Giant TCX SLR 2 all-terrain cross bike upgraded with a SRAM Rival groupo in size LARGE he wants to sell.

This all-new high-performance cyclocross machine was designed to excel in the most demanding conditions and built to handle a wide range of adventures. Engineered with premium ALUXX SLR alloy frame tubing and an OverDrive 2 steerer tube, it’s light and agile enough to burn up any ’cross course in all kinds of conditions. And its innovative technologies, including 135mm rear wheel spacing, disc brakes, improve its performance as well as its versatility. With asymmetrical chainstays for pedaling stiffness, plus clean internal cable routing and a compliant D-Fuse SL composite seatpost, you’re ready for anything

See this link: … 817/66285/

and here is the PDF data sheet (note it is NOT Shimano 105/Tiegra, it is SRAM Rival). … .slr.2.pdf

PM me and we'll figure it out or call my cell at seven-oh-seven, zero-6, five and nine in the regular Maryland area code.  Stuart Lamb

Apr-24-15 03:24 pm
Category: Social

Hi Mike,
Just so you are aware, we have a Mike Harris down here in Catonsville who often rides in BBC club rides, has been torn up something terrible racing crits back in the day, rides tandem with his wife and has been in/around BBC and cycling here for a very long time.

There may be some confusion, just so you are aware!  Welcome to the club and too bad you don't go by Michael.  Actually, our Tues/Thurs Glenelg Gang (Howard County) rides have a whole bunch of Mike's so must be the cyclists chosen name!

Apr-16-15 10:12 pm
90% of cases are plea bargained, she plead not guilty, this MUST be an example.
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Ideally, this office should receive a letter a day, every day, until this case moves to the next step.  This is real politics, if the State's Attorney hears from enough constituents, perhaps this case could actually go to trial.  Both the State and her Church are complicit in allowing her to totally skate in 2010 while driving at four times the legal limit.  She killed Tom at three times the limit AND was texting when she hit him.  This MUST be the test case for the entire country and the ultimate hammer must come down on her as an example to every other person who drinks or texts and drives.

Ideally, write an actual letter, on paper, in an envelope, with a stamp to:

The Honorable MARILYN J. MOSBY, ESQ.
State's Attorney for Baltimore City
120 East Baltimore Street, 9th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

If you aren't aware: Marilyn Mosby is Baltimore City’s newly elected State’s Attorney. She is the youngest chief prosecutor of any major city in America.  Marilyn Mosby lives in West Baltimore and is the proud mother of two daughters. She is married to Nick J. Mosby, 7th District Baltimore City Councilman.

If you prefer to call and to ask for her to be tried for this crime, then call:

If you just cannot do either of the above, then here is the email address but remember, in the real world, the political world, email is too easy to ignore.  Letters get attention.

Apr-16-15 10:00 pm
Category: Social

The Glenelg Gang has been riding in honor of "The Rules" for many years.  We have even honored them with our latest jersey design which sports "Rule #5" on the back and on the sleeve of the sleek, black kit.

On the back of the butt it also sports "Mind the Gap" for the multiple meanings.

This is a great website but the real joy is in spending many a winter day reading through the endless comments under each "Rule."  Some of this is beyond hysterical, my mate thought I'd lost my mind for several evenings years ago when I was reading thru the comments.

We regularly quote Rule #9 in support of those who ride no matter what, and of course Rule #12 is my favorite being an "accumulator" and apparently I've never reached S-1 at my home.  Rule #25 is important to follow and if you don't already know this, Rule #37 is critical.  Rule #54 needs to be better followed.  There are more but spend next winter reading ALL of the comments.

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