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Jul-07-12 11:38 pm
Category: Technical

You could try a dollar bill or wrapper from a Power Bar inside the tire; depending on the size and location of the slit usually that will be enough to at least let you finish the ride.

Oct-12-11 09:17 pm
Category: Social

I did receive a survey via e-mail - I think it is a good opportunity to provide suggestions for changes.  I know city streets are city streets, but maybe at least avoiding cobblestones or changing how they do the lunch.

Oct-10-11 03:21 pm
Category: Social

First year riding it for me - many times during the ride I thought a road bike might not be the best.  The worst parts for me were the cobblestones (near the beginning for the 50 mile route).  Almost lost it going (slowly) around a cobblestoned circle.

Oh yeah, I know for sure that when my wife doesn't go on a lot of club rides it's because of her hair.  Nothing to do with our 4 kids or working . . .

Did you see how it can be a flotation device so that if you fall into a body of water you can't drown - no matter how drunk you are?

Three Covered Bridges Ride combined with the 10-12 mph group, leaving at 8am.  Come support a new ride leader on this pleasant ride!

Jun-16-11 08:51 pm
Category: Social

Chris Tsien wrote:

I reformatted this year's 63-77-101 routes as an excel spreadsheet and uploaded it to the cue library. BIG font for those of us with lousy eyes and a single page for each route.  current/big_smile

Thank you!!  Very nice.

Jul-11-10 07:39 am
Category: Social


Jul-06-10 11:57 pm
Category: Social

For the date of the club picnic I'd like to do one of the rides, but have to get home to feed the kids. Can I jut ride a ride without actually eating/doing the 'picnic' part of things/registering/paying the registration fee?

May-29-10 08:46 pm
Make an offer for either
Category: Technical

Check your PM

Apr-25-10 03:48 pm
Make an Offer
Category: Technical

Pair of pedals with toe clips - in excellent condition. Generic - markings say 'Escape Claws' and 'Cycle Magic'.  Make an offer.

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