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Dec-30-11 01:08 pm
Frame/Components for Sale
Category: Technical

Update:  the frame has no size marking.  It measures 23.5" from top of seatpost to middle of crank.  What's that? a 57-58?

Dec-30-11 05:29 am
Frame/Components for Sale
Category: Technical

Hello BBCers. I have a Cannondale R600 frame, front wheel, 105 front/rear derailleurs, Sora shifters for sale. Decent condition -- by all means too good to scrap. Please make a sensible offer - moving out of state and already have 2 bikes on rack. 443-768-6910, Tim.

Dec-13-11 12:43 pm
Category: Social

Bob Wagner wrote:

Ya know, it's only 6 hours to Berryville for the Back Roads Century.

That's good to know, in case I get the itch for the Midatlantic.  It's going to be  whole new cycling world:  a 230-mile ride with 2,000ft of total climbing? Really?

Dec-13-11 09:14 am
Category: Social

"Anytime you want to visit, let me know and I will schedule another Lawndale Tank ride!"

I consider that time spent out of the saddle.

Dec-13-11 12:09 am
Category: Social

As some of you may know, the past three years have not been kind to me, professionally, in fact, most of my BBC time has been because of the lack of a job to go to.  I have now found a position in Columbus, OH, and will be moving on in January.  I've already looked at Map my Ride, and seen that it'll likely be years before I ride another hill.  I'd like to thank all of those with whom I've spent many hours in the saddle for making at least that part of the day a bit more bearable.

Tim Marshallsay

Not exactly last minute, but it's on Sept. 18 this year.  There are all kinds of complex registration rules this year following the cluster last time, and it gets pretty expensive if you wait too long ($100 for walk-ups).  Registration is limited to 2,000, and walk-ups to 100.  Despite all this, the ride's terrific, and I have to admit, the jersey for this year is just AWESOME.  Never thought I'd covet a jersey with a tomato sandwich on it.

May-11-11 11:06 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Agreed - Rando Bob has a cracking ride to North Beach from BWI.  A couple of trafficky bits, but otherwise very pleasant.  Good roads, fine and changing scenery, good stops.  The Bay Country Century stops right on the beach.

Apr-08-11 12:55 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Barry Childress wrote:

Delegate Simmons made those adjustments to the bill -- had it reviewed by the Attorney General's office -- and brought it to Frosh who said he would NOT support it.
Thus Frosh is reneging on what he said he would do.

Please contact your senators and members of the Judicial Proceedings Committee, etc. to contact Frosh to stand by/fulfill his promises
he asked for a change in wording so that he could/would support the bill
the change was made. He was brought the changes and now he is not supporting the bill with the changes..

Frosh is a defense attorney:  no surprises here.

Apr-05-11 11:04 pm
First Single Speed
Category: Technical

So, the search for a single speed is over, and it's ready to start my bike commute.  My current salary wouldn't support a bigger investment, so, I went with, drum roll, a steel 2009 Schwinn Madison I found at Performance on Joppa for a song and a dance ($299) on clearance.  It's not US made, and it wasn't an LBS where I bought it, but times aren't what they used to be, and a bike that's hand built by virgins from gossamer threads in sun-kissed valleys will have to wait until things pick up.  The bike's bright yellow, the welds are beautiful, the components decent, and the ride is as smooth as anything I've ridden in years.  It really zips along too, so I'm very happy with it.  They still have another if anyone is looking for a really neat way to get from A to B.  I'm doing the Sea Gull on it, probably the Flatlands Tour, and maybe the Ride to See (although that had a couple of surprising hills that might be a bit of a struggle. … s-20110401,0,5547674.story

Starting tomorrow, April 4, Falls will be closed between Shawan and Stringtown for resurfacing during certain hours of the day.

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