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Hope many of you have signed up for Bike 2 Work Day this Friday.  Join many other BBC cyclists and "BE" counted on this day. Even if you work from home, signed up for one of the many pit-stops, bike down and hang out a bit, grab some munchies, T-shirt etc

The B2WD committee would like to thank the BBC for their generous contribution helping sponsor this event. Sign up at the link below. THANKS! … 3127806160

Mar-03-17 09:11 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I agree the entire intersection is a mess. High speed vehicle merge lanes are often difficult with or without bike lanes. We have a similar situation on Frederick rd. We are fortunate to have a traffic signal to alleviate the speed but the bike comes and goes as one rides to Ellicott city.

The bottom line:
SHA needs to improve their bicycle structure design. BBC members need to start complaining. If we don't they will give us what they want.

PBAC is going to try and get the Baltimore County to rework the Eastern bike plan.  We will certainly include a complete "do-over" for this intersection.

Mar-02-17 09:20 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Bob Wagner brought this situation to my attention so I am asking all of you to help raise awareness at SHA. The designated bike route along southbound Charles Street (Bellona and 695) abruptly comes to an end leaving the cyclist no option but to take the lane with 50mph cars. There is a 3rd car lane that also ends making for a very dangerous situation. We are asking SHA to remove some of the 3rd car lane and make it the bike lane.

So please fill out the SHA form below AND send and email to Wendy Wolcott seeking solutions to a problem they created. … or_service

Sep-28-16 09:37 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Just a friendly reminder, this is Thursday night.

Sep-18-16 01:13 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Baltimore county is hosting an open house for bicycle improvements for the Security/Ingleside area.


Greetings all:  Baltimore County Police, Wilkens precinct is hosting Bike with a Cop in Catonsville April 30th. Bring the kids!

Hey all: The Torrey C Brown trail (AKA NCR Trail) is being inducted into the Rails to Trails Hall of Frame on November 10th in New Freedom PA. I am leading a casual (but long, 20 miles each way) ride to New Freedom for the 11 AM ceremony, return after the event. The ride leaves the Papermill parking lot @ 9am.  We should be back around 2pm. Lunch stop possible if there is interest, bring munchies regardless.

Here's a link for the facebook event:

Best, Charlie

Oct-02-15 08:22 pm
Great guy, great cause
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

carl boyd wrote:

I've inquired as to when he will be passing through our area, in the hopes of riding with him!
Please consider supporting in any way possible.

Post up if you here from him.

   The plan is mostly sign clutter with a few token bike lane segments. Please attend the Towson meeting this Thursday, 16th @ 7:00PM to voice your opinion. Read below for all of the information. … fe-biking/

Feb-20-15 07:59 am
BBC Opposition of Protected Bikeways
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I do not wish to belabor this point but I have ridden many cycle tracks in this and other countries.  I have never met a cycle track I did not like. I am certain that each and every bicycle infrastructure improvement will be studied and scrutinized for pros and cons for all possible improvements.

I think the major problem with this debate is the word 'default'.  Should the default amendment be adopted, it will give the advocates of Bikemore one more tool in their arsenal when fighting for cycling infrastructure improvements.  We are currently faced with a Balto City and County governments that do NOT wish to improve bicycling infrastructure.  This extends beyond the elected officials, it runs deep into DOT and DPW. We need every tool we can get.

I think what needs to happen in the future is for both Bikemore and the BBC to work together and not against each other. It might have been more prudent for the BBC board to confront Bikemore with  their viewpoints rather than to go directly to the elected officials and their membership. 

The only way we will improve cycling in our region is for roadies, freds, commuters, hipsters, advocates, mnt bikers, recreational cyclists and newbies to work together. All will never agree on dress, bikes, manner of cycling, etc, but we must work together to improve our streets for future generations.

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