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Jul-27-10 11:14 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Ed Hopkins wrote:

And I guess--again based on very slim evidence--that there would never be a discussion in the PPTC forum on whether getting up at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat was a reasonable thing to do. 

And I imagine that there are cycling clubs in Alaska that would chortle over our worry about cycling when there is black ice: get on those studded tires you wusses!!

I remember reading that the air quality  is worse at dawn.  I currently ride @ 6:30 AM(commuting and often rec riding) so was a little concerned....  Decided that not riding was significantly more detrimental to my health than the pollutants.    As far as those studs...they work well, easier then walking and driving.

Not only do many of the strips extend into the shoulder but they now extend almost to BW Parway.  If there is a curve on Powder Mill rd then there WILL be rumble strips. Bummer as this is a nice ride through the Belts Agric center.

They have increased the number of rumble strips along Powder Mill rd between Entomology Rd and Research rd.  Earlier this week it looked like they were leaving the shoulders un-rumbled but I was just told they included the shoulder on some of the strips.  I'll check it out soon.

Jul-23-10 02:48 pm
Plan to make Columbia, county highways more pedestrian-friendly
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Barry:  I agree that DC 'burbs have lots of cash but they are also very well organized.  I've sat in on few of the Mont county and PG county meetings with MNCPPC and those folks were well organized(especially Montgomery).  They had a list of shovel ready projects and had to wipe the drool off their chins as they smacked their lips gobbling up the funds.  Just wish they offered us some.
   While big projects require big cash I feel smaller projects could be done easily and with little money.  I don't really know how much sharrows and bike lanes cost  but can't be too much.  If they increase the number of bike lanes then more folks will bike then the Gov will sit up and take notice.
Rumble strips: They are currently putting down rumble strips on PowderMill rd at the Ag research center, Beltsville.  Earlier this week they were not putting the strips   onto the shoulders; however I heard from another cyclist they extended them over the shoulder further down the road.  WTF!

Hey All:  Baltimore City has just put down a new bike lane along Frederick RD. from the Gwynns Falls Trail to the county line.  Here's Nate Evans( Balto city bike planner) blog with a brief description

Thanks Nate and Mr. Kendrick(Balto city Dept of transportation)

Jul-22-10 08:46 am
Plan to make Columbia, county highways more pedestrian-friendly
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Barry Childress who is having login issues on this website wrote:

To clarify we lost a part-time bike/ped planner but we still have another some-time bike/ped planner Kathy Schlabach who is very sharp on cycling issues but has other duties. The big problem in Baltimore County (and I will assert Statewide) is funding. To many places have invested a lot of time and money in planning only to find funding is not as available as they originally hoped. So why would anyone invest in a bike/ped planner if they can't get things built? I'm trying to drive the point home to MDOT via this article: Imagine if: Police announced that they spent only 1/3 of their anti-crime grant while the crime rate increased

The issue is complicated but it boils down to the State not keeping up with other states in both results and funding for bike/ped projects and they have Federal money left over they have not obligated.

Barry, you know a lot more about this stuff than I. I don't know  Ms. Schlabach but hope to meet her.  Correct me if I am wrong but there's a lot of money currently out there with the stimulus funds.  I don't believe Baltimore county was ready to start building any bike infrastructure so we get lots of road repaving.  Mont Co, DC, Balto city and PG co. all have been improving their bike infrastructure so there are some funds.  They were ready with bike projects.  Waiting for funding is too late. We need to have projects ready to roll.  Often there is an immediate "spend now or forget it" with govt funding(end of year funds).  If you're not ready you don't get the funds.  I'm still new to this advocacy world but I see significant biking infrastructure happening, just not much in Baltimore Co.

PS I also have trouble logging on.  It often takes 2 -3 times to log on

Maybe your rando rides will look like that someday

Carl wrote:

Thanks Carl.  I sent in a request to repair.  Others should also email request.  Squeaky wheel gets the road repaired.

Jul-21-10 09:42 am
Plan to make Columbia, county highways more pedestrian-friendly
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

"Last but not least, Baltimore County elected officals will need calls from their constituents to implement the eastern and western side bicycle plans and make them more balanced with improved on road accomodation. "

Well said Jeff.  Seems Baltimore County just lost their bike/ped planner.  Apparently his grant was not renewed.  I was so happy to see that we finally had a real bike planner but it did not last.  Hopefully the Baltimore Bike Alliance can fill the void.  Charlie

Recent road work on the shoulder of eastbound Wilkens prior to 695 ramp left a pothole.  It's not really a pothole but a water main cover that sunk. It's hard to see, near the road edge. It could easily cause an endo or taco a wheel.  I will try and contact Baltimore County or state. Anyone know who maintains this road?

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