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Aug-27-14 10:10 am
Race Rd. in Elkridge
Forum: Road Problems

Does anyone know whether Race Rd. in still closed below Hanover Rd. in the Elkridge/Hanover area?  It was closed in June to repair a slope failure.

Jun-25-14 09:05 am
Category: Technical

Send an email to

Jun-20-14 10:15 am
Race Rd. closed in Elkridge
Forum: Road Problems

Race Rd. is closed in Elkridge, south of Hanover Rd., due to a slope failure.  You can see the detour here:

Jun-13-14 07:37 am
Sands Road is closed
Forum: Road Problems

Sands Road is closed between Harwood Rd. and Bayard Rd. in Anne Arundel County.  You can see the detour here: … oadPDF.pdf
That sketch does not show that Harwood Rd. connects to Rte. 2, which is where I will be detouring the Davidsonville-to-Galesville ride tomorrow.

Can you re-post this information?  I thought I saw it on the ride calendar yesterday, but now it's gone.

I posted the Davidsonville to Galesville Counterclockwise cue sheet in the cue library, in the Anne Arundel, Under 50 miles category.  This is the ride I'm leading tomorrow, Sunday 8/11/13 at 9:00am.

Jul-07-13 04:23 pm
Picnic, paying with PayPal
Category: Social

I signed up for the picnic and paid with PayPal (and I appreciate having that option!).  A hint for others paying via PayPal: you will get a popup box with two buttons that say "Continue" and "Cart".  Be sure to click on "Cart" to check out and pay. If you click "Continue", the popup box goes away, and nothing else happens, there was no obvious way to check out.

Nov-11-12 08:54 am
Crack in btwn R and center lane that go straight on Pratt
Forum: Road Problems

Baltimore City Department of Transportation. 410-361-9296 or email

I sent them a question via email when the lanes were closed on the JFX earlier this year, and actually got a phone call from someone in the department.

Aug-11-12 02:53 pm
The former Painted Pig store has reopened
Category: Social

The store formerly known as the Painted Pig, at the corner of Shepperd Rd. and Troyer Rd. in the Monkton area, has reopened under new management.  The new name is Woody's Hitching Post.  They are not fully stocked yet, but they have Gatorade and other drinks, Clif Bars and some other snacks available now.  Unfortunately they are closed on Sundays.  Their hours are:
Monday through Friday: 6:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday:  7:00am - 2:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED

The 2012 Corn Roast cue sheets, for the Union Mills Homestead rides on Saturday 8/4/12, are now available in the cue library.  They are the same as the 2010 and 2011 versions except that all rides now start and end at the parking lot on Old Hanover Rd., instead of Rt. 97. 
I posted both a pdf and Excel version named "2012 Corn Roast 28-40-52" in the "Carroll County - Under 50 miles" repository.
I posted a pdf "2012 Corn Roast 64 miles" in the "Carroll County - over 50+ miles" repository.

There will be hard copies available at the ride start, of course.

PLEASE NOTE:  I had uploaded the Excel spreadsheet of the 28-40-52 cue sheets on Sunday 7/29/12, and that version has a missing cue in the 52 mile cue sheet.  I removed that file from the repository.  DO NOT USE THAT VERSION.

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