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Thanks Larry (and Ed,)

I only ever look at the "Mobile View Rides" but now I see them in the calendar view!


Is there really a RideWithGPS for the volunteer Century Ride?

If so, where is it?

The only link I see is the link for the actual ride which does not work for the volunteer ride.  The volunteer ride needs to go into Boonsboro for lunch and it takes a slightly different path to get to the store in Fairfield

Aug-16-17 05:13 pm
Stanley's life including BBC
Category: Social

Thanks for the notice Jeffrey.  I too have many good memories of riding with Stanley in the 70's and 80's, even went to see him in a play at Spotlighter's once.

Jun-16-17 07:12 am
verizon email addresses
Category: Social

Reminder - If you have a new email address, you may want to get it updated on the BBC Member Roster.  Particullarly those of you had verizon addresses.

May-23-17 10:00 am
Thanks and Congratulations
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Many thanks to Renee Rees, Ed Cahill and John Isaacs for their efforts to organize and make the first All Pace Tailgate Pot Luck ride a big success.  And thanks to everyone who participated and brought such great food contributions.

Sep-20-16 11:40 am
Category: Social

Yes to Renee,

Let's please take criticism off of the Forum and Facebook. The man was a registered rider.

As one who formerly ran the Gathland Rest Stop I can tell you ignoring a rider is not something that would happen under normal circumstances. and I'm sure the current volunteers would not do that either. Also giving a few left over perishable supplies to hikers at the end of the day is also one of the fun things they do Gathland. 

Mitigating circumstances could be that because the rider was extraordinarily late arriving at Gathland they just didn't realize they had a rider there.  This is mile 28 of the century and most riders are through well before that time.  The volunteers are  busy packing up to leave by then, our permit only gives us use of the pavilion until noon.  Also we do not usually approach riders, they usually come to the tables to get supplies, again the lateness of his arrival could have been the issue.   The ham operators and the sag drivers keep the Rest Stop informed of the location of the last riders on the route.  It could be they were told there were no more riders out there.  The fact that he was so late could have contributed to that or he could have been pulled over or off course, so the sag drivers did not see him.  If he was not wearing his wrist band that could also be a factor.  I will make sure the rest stop leader and the event organizers aware of these comments and let's let them follow up with him directly.

As you all know, every volunteer goes out of there way to aid all of the riders as much as they can.   Our response should be "we are sorry that this happened to you" and "we will attempt to figure out what went wrong and correct it in the future."   That's what we always do and that's why our event gets better and better every year.

Aug-27-16 04:10 pm
Category: Social

If there were no other witnesses, we will probably never know what really happened.

Was the truck stopped ahead of the cyclist and the cyclist just failed to register the impediment, or did the truck pass the cyclist, pull in front and then stop?

Tragedy all the same.

Jul-22-16 10:00 am
Cyclist Killed by Drunk Driver
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Are there any organizations keeping track of how many times a tragedy is caused by a driver with a previous DWI conviction?

We really need to demand mandatory breathalyzers for ALL offenders, even first time offenders, and for other meaningful penalties. 

Jun-29-16 10:29 am
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

We should be in the streets protesting for such legislation!!

Jan-12-16 11:56 am
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

Residents of Carroll County should access and participate in this survey.   It is available on line for a limited time.

I'm not sure if it is fair game for non-residents to participate.

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