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Loch Raven Drive has been repaved from Providence Rd to Morgan Mill.
Very nice!

Loch Raven Drive is being milled between Providence Rd and Morgan Mill.
LR Drive is again open between Providence Rd and Cromwell Bridge Rd.

Be prepared for rough roadway and likely paving.

I asked Jim Guild about the Accountants Burnout in light of the Club's 50th Anniversary.  Accountants Burnout Ride is Wednesday 18 April from TMP at 9:30 this year.

Jim says: I am not certain how long the burnout has existed, but would guess around 20 years.  If the BBC newsletters are archived someplace they would likely give some idea. I am all for playing it up and am looking forward to the ride.  Call it a 20 year anniversary – who knows for certain or cares?  As Mark says “It’s a gift”.   

The burnout route changed over the years.  I am not certain where the first Burnout was and who came.  Maybe a 75 miler from Westminster to Woodsboro (how about the sign-up sheets – are they archived?  My guess for the first would be Mark T., Phil F., Jim K. and some others).  Mark & I scouted the RedRum ride in early summertime many years ago and we knew it was a keeper on the ride up South Mountain.  We were a lot fitter then so the climb did not bother us like it can now.  We stopped several times on the mountain because blackberries, I think, were in full bloom and found in abundance along the climb.  There were several cars stopped with people picking the berries.  We changed the ending of the route which originally came back along Conover or Harney from the west across the steel grated bridge into “Harney” that has hurt a few cyclists.  I do not remember doing the ride again any later than mid-May so no further berry stops.  However, I am close in Gettysburg so maybe sometime this summer.

I think we did “Coxey Brown” for one or two burnouts, but there were several complaints that it was too hard for mid-April.   

Rural Roads Meeting

The Department of Public Works will hold its tenth annual public meeting to discuss rural roads, bridges, repaving and traffic issues on Wednesday, April 25 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Agriculture Center, located at 1114 Shawan Road, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030. The meeting fulfills the County’s pledge to meet annually with residents interested in preserving the rural character of the County and to apprise them of infrastructure plans.

Information: Call the Department of Public Works Director's Office at 410 887-2171.

Apr-08-18 05:20 pm
affects all of the Seven Towns/Seven Valleys rides
Forum: Road Problems

There is a cuesheet for 7T7V using Blue Hills for when Rt216 is closed which would work. Blue Hill version from 2009 when last time a bridge closed Smoketown Rd.  Adds some climbing instead of the fast roll on Glenville.

See: Seven Towns and Seven Valleys Blue Hill

James Gagne wrote:

Ed, wouldn't taking a right on Stone Church before tracks and then left onto Main, then left again onto Creamery back to Rt 216 after the tracks work.

Seems like Stone Bridge to Creamery should work.

PennDOT wrote: … newsid=655
Replace Three Bridges in Southwestern York County

​Harrisburg, PA – The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) announced 03/19/2018 that on Monday, April 2, weather permitting, its contractor will close the bridge on Route 216 over the Codorus Creek near the Village of Brodbecks at the Codorus-Manheim Township Line in southwestern York County and begin demolition work in preparation to remove and replace the existing 89-year-old structurally deficient bridge. This section of Route 216, locally known as Blooming Grove Road, averages 3,700 vehicles traveled daily.

PennDOT advises motorists that Route 216 will be closed to through traffic between Smoketown Road and Stone Church Road for up to 203 days while the bridge is replaced.

Until then, a detour which follows Manheim Road and Glenville Road is available for motorists. Milling and paving work may be conducted after the bridge is opened to traffic under short-term single-lane alternating traffic patterns.

Ride added for Sunday 8 April.  The temperature is right, but sky will maybe be clear rather than overcast, for the occasionally offered, not to be missed, cuesheet-challenged, roll up Falls to Roller from Meadowood.  44 miles, bring a snack for the turn-around, possible stop at  Veloccino or John Browns Coffee.

The BBC Spring Social has been RESCHEDULED to Saturday, April 28th.

Due to Anticipated Bad Weather this Saturday - Rain, Snow, Sleet ->Wintery Mix!

RSVP by Monday, April 23, 2018 to Gloria Epstein,

Apr-04-18 09:53 am
Category: Social

The reason why your ride did not show on Mobile View back on 8/13/2017 is because another ride in the same Category and at the same time was posted first.

This problem was fixed in early March 2018 and you should not have any further problems.

Tuesday 4/3/2018 Ride from ORR Cancelled due to rain and wet roads.

On Sunday April 1st from Veloccino Bike and Coffee, 15007 Falls Road, Butler, MD 21023 at 9:30 am we ride for 50 phoulish miles.

The route will be structured as multi-segmented progressive cuesheet.
The cuesheets will NOT have anagrammed or disguised road names, and all road names, turns and distances are in normal format.
The route is beautiful, scenic, and mostly rural, on well or newly paved roads.  Time and distance on any busy roads are minimized.  The routes are "Hills and Rolling", there are 3 "hard" hills and the overall elevation gain is about 3800 ft.  On the other side, the downhills are beautiful, long and sweeping.
This is a fun ride, not a race, although moments of enthusiasm are always encouraged and should be countered with regrouping.

Q: What is a "multi-segmented" cuesheet?
A: The route is broken into segments of about 6 miles each where the segment endpoints are relatively safe and obvious.  The segments are organized into sealed packets.  The ride is thus progressive and the full route is unknown until distribution of the final segment.

Q: What is the distribution mechanism for the segment packets?
A: At ride sign in, the Ride Leader assigns a packet to each rider until all packets are distributed.  Each packet is labeled with its segment number.  This ride has 8 segments.  If there are less riders than segments, then some riders may have more than one segment packet.

Q: When can packets be opened?
A: Packets are designed to be opened only when the segment is ridden.  So at ride start, the Segment #1 packet holder will open the Segment #1 packet and distribute it to riders. Since the route is designed for regrouping and sweeping, if there are not enough cuesheets, then riders should pair with other riders.

Q: Who "sweeps"?
A: The holder of the NEXT segment might as well sweep the segment since they hold the NEXT segment's cuesheets and they cannot ride the NEXT segment until all riders have NEXT segment cuesheets.
So the current segment packet holder "leads" and the next segment packet holder "sweeps".

Q: Is there a store stop or restroom break?
A: Yes, there are at least two quickie marts on the route.  There is a snack break at mile 28.

Q: Will I know where I am?
A: Some roads may be totally new to you!  Many roads are on other BBC cuesheets.

Q: Can I shortcut the ride?
A: Yes, if you know where you are you can likely cut some miles off.

Q: Will I have Fun?
Ride Safe!

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