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Likely location of this pothole is 0.1 miles north of Joppa Rd and may be covered by standing water.

Also be advised that BGE has been working on the north side of Thornton and the east side of Joppa at the corner of Thornton and Joppa.  Joppa Rd climbing the hill westbound to Hunts Church has poorly patched roadwork and steel plates on both sides.

Ride is ON.
A little damp out there, so I am bringing a 32 mile cuesheet.  We will start Hillside Rd to Park Hts.

For anyone driving to Meadowood Park, please be advised that the park parking lot is not well plowed.  If there is not enough parking, you could park across Falls/Joppa in Greenspring Station.

See you there!

Feb-23-10 08:21 am
Tiny Font?
Category: Social

Why was the font size changed to tiny for the text of Today's Rides and for Upcoming Events?
It seems to me this is more useful information then the large font static message of Read Important News Regarding Rides!!!

Assuming the Tuesday ride is NOT cancelled due to rain/fog/weather, I am shortening the ride to 35-40 miles.  I know many of you have not been outside for a while, but riding has been very nice.  Roads have in general been clear and (before this afternoon's rain) dry.  I will post any weather cancellation by 9:00 am Tuesday.

Feb-22-10 08:48 am
Ride led by Bob Wagner from Baltimore to Frederick, MD
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

iodaniell wrote:

The GPS signal reflections off of building...

I thought you were using cell phone tracking, in which case this is not a GPS signal problem.
If using a GPS device then it indicates a poor satellite lock, and not reflection.  I.e. the device can't see all satellites it is using and cannot accurately position itself.

From The Prettyboy Dam Bridge will be closed for installation of concrete crossbeams to secure and strengthen the gatehouse on the dam.

WBAL wrote:

The $5.5 million project, which will be partially underwater, will begin Monday and take about two months, according to the Baltimore City Department of Public Works.

A portion of Prettyboy Dam Road will be closed from the Armacost Road and Spook Hill Road intersection to the intersection of Prettyboy Dam and Falls roads. That portion of Prettyboy Dam Road will only be open to local traffic.

The detour for this portion of Prettyboy Dam Road is Armacost Road to Falls Road.

Feb-19-10 05:15 pm
Roads mostly dry and widening
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I rode a nice 30 mile loop today with Roger.   We went up to Butler via Dover and Mantua Mill, then back over Cuba and Jerome Jay.
The roads are much wider than on Wednesday - especially the east sides and the north sides from sun melt.  There are some wet areas due to melt drainage on the roads.  At 10am there were no black ice areas and the only snow on the roads were caused by vehicles riding against the snow banks.
Saturday looks like it will be better riding yet, but watch for cars on the narrower roads and some corners are still hard to see around.

I rode yesterday from Meadowood to Oregon Ridge and back (16 wonderful outdoor miles).
The lanes are somewhat narrow and edges irregular with snow mounds so you have to pay attention.
Otherwise yesterday the roads were generally dry.

Feb-17-10 05:44 pm
Several questions about the cue library
Category: Social wrote:

The acquiring, updating and maintaining rides is a very large job.
The advent of GPS bike computers that can store routes will also have to be addressed.

The Cue Library needs to allow multiple uploads for each entry:
- Print cuesheet
- gpx or course xml format for gps bike computers
- Detour notice link to detour cuesheets
- Ride starts specified by Lon/Lat (easy paste into google/mapquest/...)

Uploads and edits should not require the entire entry be reloaded.

A way needs to be implemented to link library entries with each other, to the calendar, and to the forum.  Then forum discussion of a cuesheet can occur (say prior to a ride as members choose a ride via the forum) and a calendar scheduled ride can link to the library cuesheet.

Feb-17-10 03:46 pm
Several questions about the cue library
Category: Social wrote:

Any volunteers?

Club already has a filled post for this: Gene Bayer        Cue Sheet Library

Anybody responding to my other issues in posts 1,2,3 on this thread (or should I make them each separate threads)?

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