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Feb-17-10 09:37 am
Several questions about the cue library
Category: Social

More comments on the layout of the Cue Library page:

* Over 17 lines at the top of the page are dedicated to file upload instructions.  These should be at the bottom of the page.  People looking for cuesheets are not interested in these instructions.

* The "Search Repository" button should be above the Containers.  It is now hidden at the bottom of the page.

* The "Folders/Files" is too technical.  Will there ever be more than 2 Folders (below 50 miles and >=50 miles) per county?  Instead I think each county should have Under 50 and 50+ shown on this page.  Then user does not have to do another page load.
Then instead of "Files" they can be labeled "Cuesheets"

Feb-16-10 03:28 pm
Several questions about the cue library
Category: Social

georgia2006 wrote:

...John Busteed and Will have already transferred 100 of cue sheet central's 200 rides...

A great service doing the transfer.  Checking what is uploaded I find many of my cuesheets had not been maintained well by me on cuesheetcentral.  So I am going through and correcting those older cuesheets which I had uploaded to cuesheetcentral and which have been transferred to the new library.  Several comments:

* Who controls access to cuesheets for edits/deletes/uploads?  This is an issue where a cuesheet might be changed inadvertently or otherwise.  See next point.

* I am finding that cuesheets which I had already put into the Cue Library for upcoming rides I will lead are being duplicated due to the transfer process.  I am just keeping the ones I already loaded since they came from my local cue library and deleting the others.

* The "Starting point Google map" seems to load Mapquest locations for some starting points.  How do we link into the Starting Point database to add these to our library entries?
Meadowood Park Google map point seems to be The Cloisters and not the park.

* There is no way to edit the title of a cuesheet (correct spelling, etc.).

* Could we have an option to control the number of cuesheet titles shown per page so the user doesn't have to flip between pages?

* Would it be possible to insert standard forum codes in library descriptions in addition to html?

* I don't think there should be a download limit for user who submitted the cuesheet.  A pain to be correcting stuff and then get "Sorry, your download limit has been reached".

Feb-16-10 11:36 am
Fate of cuesheet central?
Category: Social

Two things greatly missed on cuesheetcentral and missing from the website:

1. Proper search functions (Name, ride leader, location, ...)
The ride class filter just isn't adequate.

2. Selection of a cuesheet for a ride to lead opens a lead this ride dialogue.
Rides and cuesheets need to have tighter integration.

Feb-16-10 08:29 am
OLD Ride Schedule missing February Rides
Category: Social

All right folks, you can now see what is happening to the old ride schedule.
The rest of February's rides are not displayed.  But we do have a little blue indicator "Read more...>>"

Since old rides were not transferred to the new calendar, at least allow the rest of February's rides (and the 2nd half of March when we get there).

Feb-16-10 08:21 am
Fate of cuesheet central?
Category: Social

bob wagner wrote:

...These rides give history to the club...

Will wrote:

...Personally, I do not see any reason to save them as the ship has sailed and if you weren't on it your'e not getting on now...

If you are a frequent ride leader, or not, or a new ride leader, seeing what rides were led in the past for a given week is very helpful for posting new rides.
It has nothing to do with wishful recollection of past rides.  It is everything about looking forward.

I have decided to cancel Monday's ride.
Roadways are still narrow with poor visibility around corners.
Snow melt and freeze will also increase risk of morning black ice.

Feb-11-10 04:00 pm
Category: Social

Will wrote:

It does not seem to be case sensitive.

I disagree. Sometimes it needs 3 or 4 tries.  This one pictured below failed and I had to reenter.  A pain to have to do a copy/save before each submit!

Feb-10-10 10:57 am
Category: Social

Renee Faison wrote:

Hi!!  may I have address to Cycle Sport?  thanks!

Simple Google search finds

Feb-08-10 04:13 pm
Category: Social

Under Day View the calendar shows

Category: #cccccc

I think the #cccccc is not reading correctly.

Feb-08-10 04:09 pm
Category: Social

The Rides Calendar shows ride details when you mouse-over a day for Week and Month View.
It should also indicate on the Year View that there are rides for that date and offer to display the rides.
Otherwise Year view is just a static calendar.

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