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I have cancelled the Hanover ride. Winds will be in excess of 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. The winds will increase through the day before finally decreasing this evening. It is not safe to ride in winds this high.

Since the weather for Sunday is predicted to be windy and colder than this week (most of the ride will be in the 50"s), I am placing the 50 mile version on the back side of cue sheet. It cuts out 10 miles after lunch in Emmitsburg. The cue sheet is in the library.

Aug-27-16 09:30 pm
Category: Social

I agree that the news report, based on the truck driver's version of the story, does not sound right. More plausibly, the truck driver pulled out onto Dover from Byerly and the cyclist T'd into his truck. What cyclist would be going so fast, as to be killed, would take a right turn onto Byerly at that high a speed ? We would all slow down to take the turn. His "turning onto Byerly" was probably his vain attempt to avoid a collision by turning to the right.
The other possibility is that truck driver pulled onto Dover and went into the cyclist. Maybe the police can figure it out but I doubt it.

Hi All
Since the weather prediction for Saturday has changed since I posted this ride to a hotter and more humid day, I will place a shorter 57 mile version on the reverse side of the cue sheet. Both rides are the same until after Red Lion at mile 38--Hess Farm Road. If you are struggling with the heat and humidity at this time, take the shorter route home.
Please start the ride well hydrated and drink plenty during the ride.


Hi All

My 7 AM 41 mile ride to Hampstead will offer a 55 mile version on the reverse side of the cue sheet (Oregon Ridge to Hampstead--Long Way; … down/361/)

I will modify the cue sheets to route to the Jiffy Mart on Gill Ave. I think the option of a fluid replacement drink will work better than a latte this Sunday.

Hi Gloria
You mean I did not need to print out my 40 cue sheets for the Corn Roast 52?
I guess I will be there at 7AM.

Mary and I are fine. Lost power for a day but that was it.
Out favorite restaurant, Tseriguels will be closed for our 49th anniversary. We will just have to find a new one. I hate change.
Main street looks like it will be closed for a while.

Due to the expected very high temperature and humidity for Saturday, I am moving the start time to 7:30 am. I am recommending the 45 mile version. The cue sheet will have both versions.

I plan to be at the ride start at 7 AM should anyone want to leave at that time.


7th District ES may present a parking problem for my ride tomorrow. Parking has always been limited and may be worse on Saturday morning with school athletic events. There is a parking lot on the next road just north of the school--Ben's Ct. People park on York Rd but I cannot recommend doing that.

Firecracker is a go! However, the radar does show little green blobs of rain here and there; while I expect dry weather, the roads will be wet this morning. Therefore, I plan to bring a real rain jacket, wear shoe covers and will not be drafting anyone. The weather looks more stable as the day goes on.
This a great ride. See you at the ride start.

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