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Mar-02-10 07:03 am
Mileage Poll
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Yeah, I've been getting my miles in, but it's all just laps (Columbia Gateway, Druid Hill Park, Lake Montebello), and it's far fewer than usual. I had an all-time low of 246 total miles for February. Weight training and snow-shoveling have kept me from turning entirely to flab....

Feb-26-10 07:37 pm
How are road conditions after the latest snow event?
Forum: Road Problems

Folks, can anyone tell me how the roads are in the vicinity of Cockeysville, Butler, Boring, Upperco, and Hampstead? Are they safe to ride?

Feb-16-10 08:44 pm
Safety Tips page content on MSIE 6.0
Category: Social

Okay, folks, this has gotten WAY off topic. Let's stop this thread  now.

Feb-16-10 08:43 pm
Fate of cuesheet central?
Category: Social

Ed Hopkins wrote:

What should be done--and it can be done today--is that new posts should be blocked and users should be redirected to the new BBC forum. The new web site can point to the merely historical old BBC forum.  (Janet certainly knows how to turn off the old forum--just turning the "posting option" to "off" and it is done.)

Is this an official request from the Board?

Feb-16-10 08:41 pm
Yes, I am trying to torture you
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

I tried to read Rando Bob's blog, but I gave up on the white-on-black....

Feb-11-10 07:53 pm
Category: Social

We did have a problem with spam on BBCTalk, which is why I moderate so aggressively.

Feb-11-10 06:45 pm
Category: Social

I'm willing to try suspending captcha provisionally (if, indeed, I do have that option), but if we start getting spam, I'd have to turn it back on.

Feb-05-10 08:59 pm
Sparks Rd. was closed as of last November; still closed?
Forum: Road Problems

Just wondering if Sparks Rd. is reopened yet. Not that it matters, since we won't be on our bikes again for who knows how long....

Feb-05-10 08:21 pm
Category: Social

Winter's a great time for cross-training. If I must be indoors, I'd rather do core and upper-body resistance workouts than spin endlessly.

With 100% chance of snow on Friday and Saturday, there's no point in waiting until Saturday a.m. to cancel the ride.

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