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Sep-05-10 11:05 pm
Thanks !! and after accident prognosis.
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Thanks for the encouragement and commiseration. There is an
update to my original report. Today I had my chest x-rayed
at Good Samaritan and have to report that I have two fractured
ribs to add to the tally. Good luck to all out there. Be
careful and stay safe on your rides. === Bob R

Sep-04-10 11:21 pm
Thanks !! and after accident prognosis.
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

To Ed Hopkins, Mary Ellen M., Robert, and Ed Roth.

Thank you all for your assistance and concern after  my unsuccessful
attempt to navigate the turn today on Whitcraft at too high a speed.
I do not have a concussion -- too hard a head Ed. And xrays at the
OSS in York -- thanks for the recommendations guys -- were negative
for any break in the shoulder. So ample road rash, various bumps, and
severely bruised left shoulder with wrenched intercostals. Ice, rest,
and Ibuprophen prescribed and followed. See you on the road soon.
== Bob Rohlfing

Jul-24-10 06:11 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

Just a useless comment about this:

Changing the start time of a ride should be done with more forethought
than was used across the board today. Many cannot willnot get the info
in time when done at the last minute. A ride leader should be able to
decide at least 48-72hr (minimum) in advance to submit such a change.
By the way , yes it was hot, but neither beastly nor ghastly at any time
even when the ride was begun at 730 finishing at 1 by three of us.
As always, each rider should evaluate his/her ability to function under
whatever conditions may prevail and then decide what to do.

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