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please contact Aaron Mongeau and explain why the weekly indoor rides were removed from the calendar.

racermojo @ g Mail

Thank you

Jan-15-14 08:31 am
follow the link for the online store
Category: Technical[/url]

support Team BBC while wearing high quality domestically made apparel. Store closes soon. Size samples are available to try on at Baltimore Bicycle Works.

Feb-03-13 01:46 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Advocacy

I see no problem having a mandatory law requiring helmets for cyclists.    It couldn't hurt and it might give some parents a bit of leverage in getting their younger children to use them.   The basic argument to these nanny state issues is that by complying with the law there is a benefit to society in that injuries/fatalities are reduced.  This is akin to the seat belt law. 

The issue of citations to drivers who break the law and hit cyclists or come within 3 feet is a separate issue and one of enforcement.  This is something for our advocacy arm, Bike Maryland and they are working on it.

Hi Bud,

You must initiate rides on the Rides and Events Calendar.  Use the forum for updates or last minute cancellations.


After getting rained on in Gettysburg Saturday, I guess I am a glutton for punishment and will ride today from Oregon Ridge at 8:30 for the ride to Hampstead via Emory Church.  The forecast is calling for a chance of showers after 11 am and 70 % chance of rain later in the day.   So, if we make a mad dash  for it, we could come home dry.  Bring your rain gear.  Bruce

Aug-13-12 10:21 pm
Category: Social

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and I'm brand new to the group. I just picked up cycling and I'm new to the Baltimore area. I live in the city, so hopefully there's some people here I could meet up with a go for some rides. Thanks!

Jul-19-12 12:16 pm
Category: Social

BBC group rides are not the Tour de France.  Pick you speed and start lower than what you think you can do and go to a group ride that fits.  You might wish to tell the ride leader that this is your first and ride with him/her.  Our 10-12 and 13-15 rides generally get strung out and the ride leader usually sweeps the group.  Once you feel  comfortable, you can move up in the ride or join a faster group the next time.  Group rides are fun and safer than being alone.  You will also meet a lot of people with similar interests.

We have our prizes posted on the site at the bottom of this page ---

Take home prizes for
- Top Team ride points
- Top Individual ride points
- Top Individual donations
- Top Sport and Woman individual ride points

Build your team today here and get ready for an incredible event!!!  -- … x?TeamId=0

The Cycle Burn Challenge starts July 15th!   


Jun-21-12 09:49 am
Category: Social

The Cycle Burn Challenge starts on July 15. The Challenge is simple - Choose the division that best matches your skills and build a team of up to 5 people to see how many mountain bike rides you can crank out in 32 days. Top teams and/or individuals take home great prizes!

Are your favorite rides up? Go here to see! - ... if we need to add any rides, contact us at

What teams are already registered? Go here -

How do I register? -

Be one of the first 400 people to register and receive a free one year subscription to Dirt Rag Magazine!!!

Jun-20-12 07:29 pm
Category: Social

Hi all. My name's Adam and I've only just recently started seriously cycling. I own a Trek hybrid and ride to work when I can from Patterson Park to downtown, sometimes hitting Charles Village on the way back. It's incredible to me how bike-unfriendly Baltimore is -- near total lack of dedicated bike lanes, rare bike racks, inconvenient curb ramps (some lacking ramps at all!), inconsiderate and hostile drivers and pedestrians... the list goes on and on.

I registered because I was looking at getting involved in bike advocacy in Baltimore City, and maybe go on a few social rides here and there. current/smile I'm by no means a bike zealot; I just want to be able to ride through the city without fear for my safety.

I look forward to speaking with you all. Thanks!

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