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I hope I'm putting this message in the right place.  It's about Dan Artley's Baltimore County Scenic Ride starting at Oregon Ridge.  I was putting this ride on "Map my Ride" (so I could check out the elevations) and noticed that at mile 20.7 the cue sheet says "S" TRO Pretty Boy Dam Rd (@ Falls).  From the GPS map, it appears we should go "L" @ Backbone and make an immediate R to remain on Pretty Boy, so that we can continue the cuesheet instructions.  Otherwise, if we go "S" TRO Pretty Boy Dam Rd (as the cuesheet currently reads) the road becomes Falls Road and we would have to make a "L" at Armacost Rd and then a R at Molesworth Road to catch up to the cuesheet instructions at 23.6.  Which way are we supposed to go?

Sep-27-10 07:43 pm
suggestions for a route from Baltimore to Annapolis?
Category: Social

Was wondering if anyone could give a recommended route from downtown Baltimore to Annapolis? Specifically down to the BA trail.  Or is there a cue from the library you could recommend?  Thanks Jeff

The question that keeps going through my mind is if the cyclist would still be alive today had the driver stopped and called for help right away?

If I'm reading it right the accident took place about 5:30 and the driver called at about 6:30 and the police were on the scene.  That means it may have been up to an hour where this poor woman was laying on the side of the road.  If anything for that the driver should be punished.  I hope the family files a civil law case.


Aug-30-10 11:31 pm
Category: Social
Forum: Ride Reports

My first BBC ride! Lot of fun, looking forward to many more.


Jul-30-10 10:04 am
Topic: Accident
Bike hit Tufton and Belmont
Forum: Road Problems

On Wednesday, July 28, 2010 Mike, a medical student, was riding his bike down Tufton west of Oregon Ridge. He was just about to make a turn onto Belmont when an elderly woman struck him from behind. Mike flew over his handlebars and hit the road hard. He said that he could hear his bike being runover. An ambulance was called, but, fortunately, he only suffered some bad road rash. Mike was not wearing a helmet.

Jul-23-10 08:58 am
Category: Social

The story ended up running early, last night.  I'm sure everyone was watching the Tour so if your interested follow the link and click on "Medicine to Medals" under video list.  Lots of shots of the club jersey. … _386.shtml


Jul-21-10 09:25 pm
Black - Used - Great condition - $85
Category: Technical

Used saddle.  No major structural or aesthetic problems.  Graphics worn in some places, but basically very good shape.  I used this saddle for around 1000 miles.  That is how long it took me to be sure it's just not the saddle for me.  Call me at 443-801-3307 if interested.

Jul-15-10 12:34 pm
Brain Injury Association Sponsors this fundraising ride out of Westmin

I've done this ride a few times.  And yes the rest stops are among the best I've seen.  But for me the real treat is you don't get the standard event t-shirt, they give out cycling socks!  If you go to the website you can see this year's design.


Jul-15-10 09:07 am
Category: Social

I've been a BBC member for a few years now.  Well FOX news is doing a feature story on me since I've had an organ transplant for 37 years and will be competing in the Transplant Games in Madison WI in a couple of weeks, cycling of course.  They interview me the other day and filmed me riding my bike.  Of course when asked to be dressed in cycling gear for the interview and subsequent ride I of course grabbed my BBC jersey.  The topic of bike riding did not come up all that much during the interview so I did not get a chance to give the club a plug but the jersey will be on the news nevertheless.

It is scheduled to air on the 10 O'clock news on the 27th and the following moring.


Hey Dan,  you were first.  I only added it because I had to check out the ride for another day.   Have a great day, take a rain jacket.  Safe riding.  Bruce

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