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BBC Website Upgrade

On Monday, June 9, 2014, the BBC website was upgraded to a new and improved website.

Some new features of upgraded website:
  1. Upgrade from old version to new version of the Joomla Content Management System which powers the website.
  2. Level expanding menus
  3. Highlighted Upcoming Rides list
  4. Predicted weather for the day
  5. Simplified and automated membership joining and renewal
  6. Easier club product ordering and updated shopping cart
  7. Improved and updated forum with expanded "Latest Forum Posts"
    message text
  8. "Add A Ride" now available in bottom menu of each page
  9. Improved ride calendar "List View"
  10. Google map summary of monthly ride start locations
  11. PDF files now open inside the website
  12. Club membership roster opens inside website
  13. Listing of latest cue sheets added to cue library
  14. Expanded options to help describe rides
  15. Improved text editor 

After the Upgrade

BBC members need to visit the Account Maintenance section of the new site to input their preferences for advance ride email notification and name visible on the member roster. You must do this to get upcoming rides emails, otherwise you may miss our scheduled rides.   

Registered individuals and members should have the same user name and password. However those members whose passwords were changed will be notified of the change in a separate email. If you have any Member issues, email with your name and description of the issue.

Please use the Website Suggestions Forum for questions and comments about the update.