Citizen Representative Needed for the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board -- Whether you are interested in this position or not it is news worthy that this is the first time that a citizen representative will have voting rights on this committee thanks to the efforts of the Baltimore Bicycling Club and to the current committee and the BRTB for being receptive to the idea. I encourage anyone interested to apply and get involved in changing the area to be bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

-=Barry Childress=-

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) is currently seeking a volunteer to sit on the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Group (BPAG), to represent citizen interests related to bicycle and pedestrian planning in the region.

The primary role of the BPAG is provide advice and assistance to the Technical Committee concerning bicycle and pedestrian projects, and update and evaluate the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

The BPAG is an appointed committee of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board. The citizen members will serve a two-year term, starting in February 2009.

For more information or to apply to serve on the BPAG, contact Amber Blake at or 410-732-0500 x1030 or download an application at:

Defective Bontragger Inner Tubes -- I just had a bunch of flat tires. I thought I was being incompetent, but when I went to Race Pace (Owings Mills) I learned that there was a recall on Bontragger Inner Tubes. I had 3 of the defective tubes.

If the box says "Made in China" return them!
If the box says "Made in Taiwan" you should be OK.

Bob Roswell


Spin Classes at Meadowbrook -- Indoor Cycling classes at Meadowbrook Aquatic Center are offered to members of the BBC. As an avid cyclist (triathlete) myself, as well as a certified Spinning instructor, I appreciate the benefits of indoor cycling during the "off season" when it is either too dark or too cold to ride the roads regularly. Wind trainers and cycling dvds are ok, group indoor cycling is better and much more fun!

Meadowbrook is the ONLY facility in the area that offers Indoor Cycling to non-members with no strings don't have to be accompanied by a member, you don't have to join the facility after a couple of classes as a guest, etc. Drop-in fee for a class is $15, BUT you can buy 10 classes for $100 (one year expiration date). Perfect for cyclists who don't want to pay a big annual membership fee at a health club to only attend indoor cycling classes during a couple of cold, dark winter months in order to maintain cycling fitness.

Susan Sarubin

Tandems Wanted -- Bikes for the World, a sponsored project of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, seeks the donation of unwanted, used tandem bicycles. They should be in repairable or better condition, and can be brought to any of our upcoming September collections, or to our drop-off sites in Rockville, Tysons Corner VA, and Arlington VA (call to arrange a time for drop-offs). Although we regularly get tandem bikes (we recently sent two to Uganda), we currently only have one on hand, and are loading a shipment for Costa Rica towards the end of the month. I am asking that the area tandem community consider supporting the program through the donation of surplus tandem bikes. For further information visit Bikes for the World.


Approaching a Horse -- I am writing you to bring to your attention an increasing problem. Bike riders are posing a significant safety threat to horse riders in Baltimore County. Bike riders are ignoring common courtesy, which has a negative effect on the horse and horse rider that they pass. I want to assume this is the result of the bike riders lack of knowledge.

When bike riders approach a horse, they should call out "Passing on the left (or right)". Horses don't always hear the bike(s) and spook at their approach. If in fact the horse spooks, and the rider falls off, common courtesy and compassion dictates that the bike rider stop and checks on the horse rider. Unfortunately, I have encountered a situation where the opposite happened. Too often I've been passed by a bike zooming along with no regard to me or my horse.

Please pass this safety message on to your (Baltimore Bicycling Club) members. We (horses and horse riders) are glad to share the roads and beautiful countryside with you (bikes and bike riders) in the sprit of mutual respect and courtesy.

Sincerely yours,
Patsy McDonald, Esquire

Crossing the Bay Bridge -- Kane Taxi Service 410-643-1500 ($30 per bike)

Paris West Optical Discounts --  Paris West Optical offers the following discounts to BBC members: 50% off eye exams; 25% off all Oakley products; and 20% off eyeglasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses. They are located at 521 N. Charles Street, one block south of the Washington Monument. A copy of the BBC newsletter can serve as evidence of membership.