What is the value of supportive friends to you?  What is the value of the cycling sport you participate in?  Becoming a member of the Baltimore Bicycling Club is an expression of these values.  You help support an organization of volunteer friends who share a passion for your sport of cycling by creating fun, diverse rides, and social events.  Our club also provides contributions to worthy cycling related organizations whose primary concern is bike safety and expanding our state’s network of cyclist friendly roads.  Along with helping these organizations, our club is also personally committed to advocacy in promoting lawmakers to keep cyclists concerns in mind when crafting new legislation.    

Additional member benefits include full website privileged access with features such as:

·         Free Bike Cases For Member's Use –  Going on a trip? Need a case to ship your bike? The club has five cases free for members use. These are available on a first come first served basis.  Details  

·         Forum Participation – A place where you can read and post messages in a wide range of cycling and club related topics.

·         Cue Library – You will receive access to numerous cue sheets with rides ranging from 20 to over 100 miles in, and surrounding, the greater Baltimore area.  These cue sheets have been created by your fellow cyclists who know the roads.  They are organized and updated by our cue sheet librarian so finding the right ride for you can be easily accomplished.  This valuable feature alone, representing countless hours of work, is well worth the low cost of membership.

·          Membership Roster – A list of contact information of participating members is available so you can get in touch with that new friend you met on a ride.      

·         Lead a Ride – As a member you will have the ability to post any ride you want to lead in a wide range of speed categories.  You can have new and old friends join you on a ride you create or pull from the cue sheet library.  Even last minute ride plans can be accommodated by the website.

·         Ride Email – You can have the next two days ride schedule automatically emailed to you for your convenience if you use a mobile phone or can’t get access to the site.    

InsuranceAs a member you are insured by the club for a number of unforeseen circumstances while on Official BBC Rides.  This benefit comes with your membership at no additional cost.  For additional information contact, treasurer@baltobike club.org.  To report an accident contact Insurance@baltobike.club.org.

Liability Insurance

  • Insures the club and its members against personal injury claim against them for an accident which occurred on a club ride or event.
  • Insures ride leaders during their ride
  • Insures riders for liability claims for injuries to other riders and to third parties during a ride, including pedestrians, persons in motor vehicles and propertydamage.  For example,  it would provide coverage for a claim by another rider injured if a club member on a club ride cut them off making an improper turn – or even a claim by a pedestrian crossing an intersection struck by one of our cyclists while on a BBC ride
  • It is secondary insurance. The individual’s homeowners insurance would first cover any damages awarded, then the club’s insurance would kick in.
  • Has a high coverage level
  • Guests are covered on their first ride with the BBC

Medical Coverage

  • Covers riders’ medical  expenses resulting from  injuries occurring during a ride
  • It is a secondary insurance Policy. Primary medical insurance would be used first if it exists.  $500 deductible if no primary medical insurance is
  • Will cover co-pays and deductibles
  • Has a $10,000 coverage limit.
  • Guests are covered on their first ride with the BBC

Directors and Officers Insurance

  • Covers the Directors and Officers and Club for wrongful acts such as a claim or lawsuit for wrongful termination of employees, volunteers or members, misuse of funds, relations with vendors, claim or suit for picking one vendor over another and more
  • Has a high coverage level.

Only official BBC Club rides are covered under our insurance policy.  Official BBC Club Rides must be listed on our Rides and Events Calendar and led by a member. Special events (Civil War Century etc.) are covered with your registration.